Simple Pleasures

Let us show you everyday Poland, its people and the lesser-known places which hold great charm for Poles. For connoisseurs who have already fallen in love with Poland.

Duration 7 days
Availability every day
Departures from Krakow
Ends in Warsaw
Average rating 5/5

Price on request

Day 1

Impressive Beskid

MorningAfter breakfast we set off from Krakow on our journey to the east of Poland. The first stop is Mt. Zar, where we take a cable car ride for a vista of the beautiful Beskid Maly landscape.
AfternoonThe next stop is Zywiec and the Brewery Museum (opened in 2006), a very interesting place even for non-beer drinkers. You will see the modern process of beer production, a model of the brewery and old workshops. Beer tasting can be arranged.
EveningWe arrive at Lanckorona, hidden in the Beskidy mountains and check-in at local hotel. Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2

Nowy Sacz & the ornamented village

Zalipie village

MorningFirst point is a walk in charming little village Lanckorona. Its local architecture has been kept since 19th century. We will visit local small museum and discover some very nice examples of wooden architecture. Later on we will leave the area of Beskid Maly and head further east to visit the Nowy Sacz Etnographic Park that is famous for its wide range of regional folk architecture and their interiors.
AfternoonWe continue to one of the most homely spots in Poland – the village of Zalipie, where all the houses are painted in colourful floral motifs. We will visit local cultural centre and discover more interesting facts about Zalipie.
EveningWe reach Tarnow, where we will stay for the next two nights. Dinner and free evening.

Day 3

Wooden church and picturesque raft trip

Dunajec raft trip

MorningThe first stop is in Debno, the site of an exquisite wooden church dating back to the 16th century (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Next, we move on to the picturesque gothic Niedzica castle situated by Lake Czorsztyn.
AfternoonWe continue our adventure with a rafting trip (2.5 hrs.) down the scenic Dunajec river gorge, meandering gently along the Polish-Slovak border through the Pieniny National Park. The rafts are comfortable and safe. Similar in design to a punt boat, the rafter propels the vessel forward with a long pole. Millions of years ago the river made its way through mighty limestone rocks. Visitors are drawn here by the spectacular views. After the trip, we visit a charming Renaissance castle in Nowy Wisnicz.
EveningWe return to Tarnow for one more night to enjoy a lovely dinner and get some rest.

Day 4

A shot of vodka & Zamosc

Palace in Lancut

MorningWe set off again in the easterly direction towards the famous Renaissance palace in Lancut.
AfternoonA visit of the splendid interiors of the 17th-century palace in Lancut. Another must-see is the museum located in the local vodka distillery next to the palace. We will learn more about the drink that has enjoyed a long historical presence in Polish culture. On the way to Zamość we will have a short stop in lovely small town Lezajsk, where you will find out a little bit about Jewish history in Poland at its most spiritual location in the country.
EveningWe arrive at Zamosc, where we will stay for one night. We recommend taking a short walk around the famous market after the delicious dinner.

Day 5

Lublin - a perfect town & byzantine frescos

Great Market Square in Zamosc

MorningWe start the day by sightseeing Zamosc (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). It was built as a private town with the design to embody the Renaissance concepts of perfect harmony of urban functions and proportions. After that, we head north towards Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny.
AfternoonWe sightsee Lublin: a city whose history dates back to the 12th century with its magnificant Old Town, full of charming alleys and cafes.
EveningArrival in Kazimierz Dolny, where we will stay for two nights.

Day 6

Kazimierz Dolny and Naleczow

Kazimierz Dolny

MorningAfter breakfast, we have a guided tour of the most artistic small town in Poland: Kazimierz Dolny. The town is picturesquely located on the Vistula River and features countless wonderfully preserved mediaeval sights. Most of the year it is a very quiet place, an ideal sanctuary for slowing down and savouring life.
AfternoonYou have free time to enjoy the simple pleasures in Kazimierz Dolny. Alternatively, it is possible to take a trip to Naleczow, a well-known spa resort located 30 km from Kazimierz Dolny.
EveningFree time in Kazimierz and dinner.

Day 7

Return to Warsaw

Pulawy, temple of Sibil

MorningAfter breakfast we start our trip towards Warsaw. After 30 minutes’ drive we will visit a small town Pulawy, where a beautiful residential garden is located. The park was founded in 17th century by the aristocratic family of Czartoryski. The garden was also the location of the first museum and art gallery on polish territory, which was opened in the building called Temple of the Sybil.
AfternoonReturn to Warsaw is scheduled at approx. 16:00.

On our tours, we pledge to provide stays in premium hotels (4* or 5*). Nevertheless, it's important to note that occasionally your accommodation may be in a different hotel than the one presented below. If you stay in another hotel, you can be sure that it'll meet the same quality standards.


  • The renown Zywiec Brewery and the Brewery Museum
  • Lanckorona – a visit in a small regional folklore museum
  • The 16th century wooden church in Debno (UNESCO World Heritage site)
  • Scenic raft trip along the Dunajec river gorge
  • Zalipie – a visit in a small regional folklore museum
  • Visit to a vodka distillery located next to a 17th century castle in Lancut
  • Visit to a Jewish Cementary in Lezajsk – a spiritual centre for the Hasid society
  • A romantic walk in Czartoryski Garden in Pulawy


  • The Wooden Churches of Southern Little Poland (Debno)
  • The Old City of Zamosc
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