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The hotels in the centre of Ustron can be good accommodation if you are coming as a tourist or even if you are planning to organise a conference. This is an ideal location for anyone who is planning to visit the mountain resort of Ustron. The advantage is that in contrast to the scenic areas, there is some town buzz in the evening and you will be closer to the railway station.

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Near Centre (Scenic Areas)

Some of the hotels in Ustron are situated near the centre of town, behind the Vistula River, which in Ustron still resembles a brook. On the slope of Mount Rownica, you will find the largest Ustron accommodation facilities, usually interesting pyramid-shaped hotel/spa centres. This kind of accommodation in Ustron provides a great rest and beautiful views of the Beskidy Mountains. Ustron is a popular health resort, as most of these hotels offer high-quality spa facilities.

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Ustroń hotel market

Ustron is a well-known health resort in the southern part of Poland. Like other towns in the vicinity of Szczyrk and Wisla, it is a perfect setting to admire mountain scenery and to go in for winter sports. There is a wide variety of Ustron hotels of various standards. Almost all hotels in Ustron provide superb conditions for the treatment and rehabilitation of its visitors and tourists. What is interesting about the hotels in Ustron is that almost all of them are built in the same way, constructed in the shape of a pyramid.

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