To deserve your trust, we publish also every single comment about our service.

The service was excellent. Very prompt driver and no problems at all. All communication was accurate and timely. Fantastic tour - so happy I chose StayPoland.com!

Shaun (UK: Scotland, 2014), tailor-made tour
The tour was great, next time again with you!

Urs (Switzerland, 2014), individual tailor-made tour
Everything was top-rate. I would not hesitate to recommend StayPoland to anyone. We have traveled to Europe several times with large tour groups. This individual tour was by far the best experience we have had. Monika put together exactly the tour we wanted and accommodated a last minute detour to Nowe Brzesko which turned out to be a better than we anticipated. The individual tour guides, Marek, Kasia and Ursula were knowledgeable and personable. Olga at Czestochowa was a delight and a miracle worker getting us through the crowds for an up close view of the Madonna icon.

Janis (USA, 2013), tailor-made tour
A most comprehensive and informative tour. A very nice group of people from USA, Australia and UK. First class service. Beautifully organised (e.g. The care taken over our luggage). It ran like clockwork. A very careful driver

David (UK: England, 2013), guaranteed-date small group tour
Flawless service from start to finish. Patrycja responded very quickly to all my emails and questions and assisted with transportation and hotel bookings.
The tour was wonderful. Our tour guide (Dennis) was a wealth of knowledge and was able to answer ALL of our questions (even the obscure ones). He was very patient with our whole group which was a very diverse group and never appeared frustrated or frazzled. Our bus driver (Tad) was extremely professional and amazed us with his skill of driving in some of the most challenging of situations. All in all my husband and I will recommend StayPoland to friends and family.

Susan (USA, 2013) guaranteed-date small group tour
Wonderful tour - very comprehensive. Kasia was a wonderful tour guide, took great care of us and anticipated the problems and avoided them. Also helpful and discreet when a medical emergency arose. Peter was superb, taking us throughout Galicia area, bringing us home to my Polish roots, and our current Polish branches.
Patrycia went above and beyond to help us book a Krakow-Warsaw flight when we had phone & language problems. Our hook up with our geneologist was great, and the other side trips were ready and fabulous as well.

Carol (USA, 2013) guaranteed-date small group tour
Very professional. All aspects of the trip were handled very smoothly. Patrycja should be complimented for her communication skills and response to requests for information and additional services.
Katarzyna was an excellent and knowledgeable tour guide. I learned a lot about the history of Poland on this trip which was a primary goal for me.

Robert (USA, 2013) guaranteed-date small group tour
Było super.

Marta (Poland, 2013), EnigmaWarsaw city game.
Agnes war super. Vor allem die kurzfristige Organisation für den nächsten Tag nach Auschwitz. Service gut und umfänglich, Mehr kann man in nur 3 Stunden nicht sehen.

Max (Germany, 2013), tailor-made tour

Riccardo (Italy, 2013), city tour
I am very pleased how all excursions were organized. Thank you very much for your competences. I am going to choose your company again and recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Vasily (Russia, 2013), city tours
We thoroughly enjoyed our 10 days in Poland. The tour was well organized with all drivers and guides being there to meet us and showing us every consideration.

Christopher (Australia, 2013), tailor-made tour
I was very pleased with all the tours. You were able to fulfill all my expectations and beyond.

James (USA, 2013), tailor-made tour
Service was EXCELLENT! Patrycja organized a wonderful trip for us and our driver, Machiek, was always prompt and pleasant; he helped us with the highlight of our trip, which was taking us to find our 93 year old uncle and translating for us!! He was very patient and empathetic during our tearful and joyful visit; THANK YOU, MACHIEK!!!!

Chris (USA, 2013), tailor-made tour
Nous sommes très satisfaits! Tout ce qui avait été réservé a été réalisé dans les règles, notre chauffeur était ponctuel, même en avance, nous avons pu avoir un guide en français comme demandé. Cette visite a été pour nous très enrichissante, nous ne la regrettons pas! Excellent ! J'ai eu de très bons contacts via email avec votre correspondante Patrycja.

Karine (France, 2013), tailor-made tour
No complaint, excellent support from our tour guide Mr. Piotrowski
Service perfect, thank you Ms. Ogonowska
Destination better than expected.

Ulrich (Germany, 2013), tailor-made tour
Everyone commented how much they loved the whole experience. We actually ended up with 16 people going, of all ages. No one was disappointed. The 20-seater coach was comfortable, the restaurant selection was wonderful, and all was good. In fact, many on our group commented that the dinner we had in Poland was the best dinner we had in all six countries combined. We even asked the chef to come out to applaud her. It was authentic Polish food, and could not have been tastier! We also loved the restaurant. It was like eating in a nice museum.

Gary (USA, 2013), tailor-made tour
The overall tour was excellent. The tour guide (Katarzyna) could not have been any better. Her knowledge and excitement for the locations made everything even more enjoyable. She had a great handle of English. She was also very helpful with any questions anyone might have had about the various town.

David (USA, 2013), guaranteed-date small group tour
Excellent trip, guide was outstanding. everything went according to schedule. nice variety of activities.guides were great, knowledgable and helpful with tour and local culture. travel information. really appreciated the booking of a guided tour of warsaw to replace the one we missed due to travel problems.

Jeremy (Canada, 2013), guaranteed-date small group tour
Hassle free tour. Everything was organised well. Very relaxing as we didn't have to arrange anything (pick up from station, drop off etc..)

Alan (UK: England, 2013), tailor-made tour
The contact to staypoland.com was always very professional and responses came very quickly. It is a very convenient and easy to understand platform. The tour was planned perfectly and there was not one minute on the way where anyone felt that there was nothing to experience and learn.

Jan (Germany, 2013), tailor-made tour
Excellent service. I will recomend it. it was well organized and Arthur - the driver - was very helpful and polite.

Filippos (Greece, 2013), tailor-made tour
We were extremely happy with the tour. It's unfortunate that we had to have the time compressed due to our schedule limitations, as it would have been more relaxing to have an additional day or two for the same itinerary. However, it worked and we had a great time!

Patricia (USA, 2013), tailor-made tour
Comprehensive service, excellent value, quick to answer our questions and flexible when we made slight tweaks. Our party was very impressed

Malgorzata (UK: England, 2013), tailor-made tour
Excelent, highly reccomended. Service very professional. Destination amazing.

Carlos (Panama, 2013), tailor-made tour
PERFECT! This was our second tour with StayPoland and they prove their high standards and friendly way to treat their customers, now friends.
Perfect time according to the places we wanted to visit it gave us the general idea of what else we wanted it to see and how to move around the city.
As always there is no enough time to see all of what the city has to offer, but we had enough balance to see what we wanted to see (and explained by or guide), city, palace, churches - Simple said MAGNIFICENT!!!

Luis (Mexico, 2012), tailor-made tour
Bogaty i ciekawy program zapewnił wiele niezapomnianych chwil. Niesamowite i niestandardowe podejście do warszawskich zabytków.

Paweł (Poland, 2012), EnigmaWarsaw City game
The tour was FABULOUS! First-class all the way! Extremely well planned and executed! I would recommend StayPoland to anyone interested in discovering this beautiful country. I hope to return and take the longer tour someday!
Monika and Dennis were terrific! Monika was extremely helpful in the planning stages. We so appreciated her help in reserving hotels before and after our tour. Dennis was a tremendous guide. Very knowledgeable, efficient, and sensitive to all of us!

Anita (USA, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
The tour was well planed and organized. The tour leader and the driver were excellent. No comments, only compliments.

Yigal (Israel, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
Excellent, if we come to Poland again we would use StayPoland again. We will recommend you to our friends and family.

Iwona (Canada, 2012), tailor-made tour
We enjoyed the "tailor made tour" very much - especially have our own tour guide. It was no one fault but our own in trying to do so much in such a short time. If we had it to do over, we would have put more thought in to the walking tours. Our ages and health issues caused us some problems. BUT, over-all we would recommend to others. Our representative, Monika, did a good job. She was very patient and tried to meed all our needs.

Joann (USA, 2012), tailor-made tour
We are happy to have such colleagues as you to do our general service best.

Marina (Ukraine, 2012), steady cooperation
Tutto ottimo e perfetto. La gente Polacca è molto gentile simpatica ed accogliente....siete davvero brava gente.

Andrea (Italy, 2012), tailor-made tour
We had a wonderful experienced knowledgeable guide in Kasia who was simply amazing to everyone. I personally enjoyed the balance between the tours and the free time to experience the cities on our own. Just excellent. The weather couldn't have been better either! Not that you can control that but you did!
We were very pleased with the outstanding service you gave us. We really appreciated the arrangements you made for us when our plane was delayed for 24 hours. That was exceptional. Also your speedy response to our questions.

Mary (Canada, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
Obsługa bardzo profesjonalna.Zakres wiadomości przekazanych przez Panią przewodnik znacznie przekroczył nasze oczekiwania. Nasz grupa była specyficzna (osoby niepełnosprawne), przewodnik szybko zorientowała się jak kierować grupą, gdzie są podjazdy itp.

Elżbieta (Poland, 2012), tailor-made tour
Pani Monika mile zaskoczyła mnie jako osobe zamawiajacą wycieczke organizacja, szybką i wyczerpująca korespondencją mailowa. godne polecenia.
Uczestnicy wycieczki byli bardzo zadowoleni z obsługi i świadomości ze..są "dopieszczonymi" goścmi a to bardzo miłe.

Sylwia (Poland, 2012), tailor-made tour
Tourists loved the tour, guides, organization, hotels, transportation. 100% recommended.We wish the agency would organize such tours in whole Europe. Service excellent. We were receiving support and help on daily basis. Lot of flexiility for last minute changes.

Aneta (Spain 2012), tailor-made tour
Great service. After our flight was changed without informing us. Agnieszka organised alternative pick up times and tour of Auschwitz very quickly.

Sean (UK: England, 2012), tailor-made tour
Patrycja was so helpful when answering my emails. She even answered one late at night. Must have been on her own time. She eased any concerns we had. Dennis was extremely knowledgeable and quite outgoing. His command of Polish was a definite asset. He encouraged our group to try new things.

Roberta (USA, 2012), guaranteed-date small group tour
Was an excellent tour, we receive a lot of important information and see exactly the things and places that we want to see. Excellent and helpful service to the foreign people that want to know Poland.

Berenice (Mexico, 2012), tailor-made tour
Our tour guide, was personable, knowledgeable, courteous and warm. Ours was an international group and he made all of us feel welcome and comfortable. His directions about when and where we needed to be should we opt to leave the group for a while were clear and easy to follow. Service, superb. And thank you, Monika, for the surprise birthday treat on September 7; I had forgotten it was my birthday until the cake arrived -- what fun!

Dean (USA, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
Very responsive and helpful service despite my very short notice

Anne (France, 2012), tailor-made tour
The tour was wonderful. Each of our guides was extremely knowledgable about the location, very enthusiastic and friendly and also easy to understand. Our driver/guide Adam who was with us on the day we drove from Warsaw to Krakow (with stops in Czechohova and Ogrodzieniec) was particularly wonderful. He chatted with us the whole way about Poland and its culture generally - and even went out of his way to make sure we got a taste of local flavor at lunch (with food/drink recommendations, etc.). I would recommend him highly.

Sarah (USA, 2012), tailor-made tour
The tour was worth every penny. I loved Poland and look forward to coming back some day. I will highly recommend the tour and Stay Poland. I really enjoyed the 2 day tour I added on before the trip to Falkowice to see the area and village where my great grandfather lived.
Patrycja was very helpful. After e-mailing her a few times I wanted to speak to someone before booking the trip. She called me several times and after getting to Poland I realized that she was calling in the evening due to the time difference.
Poland is a beautiful country and very clean. I was impressed by the beautiful parks and the historical areas that have been rebuilt after the bombings.

Mary (USA, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
Had I known that I could book hotels through Stay Poland at a better rate, I would have done so. This is a service that you could advsrtise more clearly.

Mitchell (Canada, 2012) guaranteed-date small group tour
We loved our tour and enjoyed Poland very much. There were a few glitches that were worked out promptly. The service and patience that Monika exhibited were wonderful. She was great to work with and did a wonderful job. She was so helpful when we changed out itinerary while we were in Poland.

Karen (USA, 2012), tailor-made tour
You are a good company, I will recommend to all my friends who visit Poland.
It was really a pleasure and the guide and driver were very nice, we enjoyed it!!

Alexis (Spain, 2012), tailor-made tour
Patryjca was wonderful - she answered all queries promptly and this instilled enormous faith in my decision to use your service. Our driver was absolutely first class; he always arrived a little earlier than planned and gave us a tremendous service - thank you so much

Jackie (UK: England, 2011), tailor-made tour
Dear Monica,
we came back from the wonderful trip to Poland. It was truly a wonderful experience and certainly has contributed your much valuable help and the professionalism of your company. For that I thank you very much and I hope to have your help in a next trip in your beautiful Poland.

Mario (Italy, 2011), tailor-made tour
We had wanted to see the most in the available time frame and we succeeded. Understanding, intelligent without the least language barrier. Ms Gromek is an examplary travel agent.

André (France, 2011), private limousine tour
We found great that you had been allowed us a group discount. For next year we are planning a tour to Danzig. We will contact you.

Anna (Germany, 2011), city tour
Patrycja, the contact person from StayPoland.com agency was very helpful and very clear in all her answers. The services received were as described by her and of high quality. All the visits of the tour were very interesting and the guides were very professional. Krakow is a very beautiful and lively city. Best of it is undoubtedly, the Main Square. The Mines are also very interesting.

Fabiola (Spain, 2011), individual tour
Dear Kasia,
Couldn't ask for any better. Great job.
I'm currently at work so I don't have access to our tour guide name. However he was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable, polite, funny and made our tour enjoyable. I'd like you to know that this gentleman is an asset to your company.
The Auschwitz tour was a once in a lifetime event. This all-day tour was well worth the time.

Don (USA, 2010)
It was absolutely wonderful! As a French women who is not a native English-spoken person, everyone in the group was really very kind with, especially our guide who is amazing and so gentle.
Absolutely perfect. So points were not written in the program, and StayPoland.com organized them for the group sometimes free (for example : going to the restaurant in Krakow in a horse-car ; that was so great !! Another example: the concert in Warsaw, which was very nice thanks to a marvelous pianist).
The program was very well organized, so that the group would be able to have a look to the main parts of Poland, and that we should decide after the trip to come back to Poland to go back to some places by ourselves.

Isabelle (France), 2010 guaranteed-date escorted group tour
What a fantastic overview of Poland in 12 days. We were extremely impressed with all aspects of the tour commencing with our first contact with Patrycja and wonderful tour guide Kate.
We were sceptical about booking our tour over the internet but our contact and quick responses from Patrycja allayed any doubts. We were very happy with the our coach driver and Kate.

Leonie (Australia), 2010 guaranteed-date escorted group tour
My husband and I really enjoyed our tour. Our guide, Dennis, was very knowledgable, friendly, easy to talk to, enthusiastic, and flexible. No complaints about the service. Everything was well handled and as advertised.

Pamela (USA, 2010), guaranteed-date escorted group tour
Top notch and just a lot of fun! We could not have been more pleased! Nothing but high praise!

Harry (USA, 2010), guaranteed-date escorted group tour
We returned from Europe on Saturday, after spending a week in Munich.  But, Germany paled in comparison to our wonderful trip to Poland.  We were not disappointed in any part of the trip!  The guides and drivers were intelligent, efficient, (and quite good-looking, as a bonus!)  Everything you planned was superb!  We especially enjoyed meeting with you in Warsaw.....but, all the trip was just wonderful.  Magdalena, Curtis, Brittany and I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and again we thank you for all that you did for us....We certainly will tell any potential travelers to Europe about your services.  We all want to wish all of you the very best in your future.

Barbara (USA, 2010), tailor- made tour
Dear Monika,
I would like to tell you many thanks for the service that StayPoland.com provided to me and my family for four days in Poland (Warsaw and Krakow). The quality of service was nice, and I would like to emphasize the high standard skills of the two tour guides (Gocha and Miro speaking a good Portuguese), the cleanness of the hotel and the good service of the driver and his van.
I became very impressed about Poland. I had never thought that Poland were so clean, organized and with so friendly people.
I would like to present my deep congratulations for yourself because your personal service was nice, great, since the first moment that I wrote to StayPoland.com requesting tourism services.

Roberto (Brazil 2010), tailor-made tour
Bogactwo wiadomości. Umiejętność dotarcia do małego dziecka. Cierpliwość i ciepły stosunek do przedszkolaków. Obsługa na najwyższym poziomie.
A wealth of knowledge. Ability to communicate with small children. Patience and warm relationship with pre-schoolers. Top notch service.

Grażyna (Poland, 2010) tour for a kindergarten
Pani Kasiu,
Wszystko profesjonalnie i sprawnie przeprowadzone, mimo trudnosci z naszej strony. Wszystko zgodnie z zamówiona usługą.
Everything was professional and done efficiently, despite difficulties from our part. Everything was as requested.

Agnieszka (Poland, 2010)
Ostateczny program był dokładnie taki, jakiego oczekiwałam. Obsługa Pani Gromek na medal. Ponieważ nie byłam z grupą, mogę jedynie stwierdzić, że byli zadowoleni.
The final program met our expectations fully. The service of Ms Gromek was should be awarded a medal. I was not with the group and I can only state that they were satisfied.

Elżbieta (Poland, 2010) tour for foreign guests
Patrycja was absolutely wonderful. She was extremely helpful, responsive to our questions, and went far out of her way to help make our stay a success. She's a gem!!
Kasia, our tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and made the tour fun. We had a good rapport with her and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, while learning a considerable amount of information.
This was our first time in Poland and we visited the areas of the country that my family came from.

Michael (USA, 2010), individual tailor-made tour
Thank you again so much for arranging everything for me. It went off without a hitch. The whole trip was fantastic. You did a great job laying out the agenda and lining up everyone to take care of us.
Every driver was early and friendly, every tour guide was early and knowledgeable, the hotels were really nice and the country was beautiful. Piotr especially did a great job with the genealogy tour. He found so much information for us. He is putting together the family tree for me based on his findings. I am very excited to see how it comes out.
We will definitely recommend you to any friends we have that are thinking of visiting Poland. I hope to talk my family into going back in a few years.

David (USA, 2010), genealogy tour
Hello Magdalena,
I just wanted to thank you for organising the Poland tour for my family and myself.  The tour was absolutely wonderful and the tour guides were excellent particularly our guide in Krakow.  We managed to find the village where my father was born with the assistance of Margaret our tour guide.  She went out of her way to help in every possible way which we appreciated enormously.   It was a trip none of us will forget.  Once again thank you very much.

Elizabeth (Australia, 2010), tailor- made tour
Excellent service- Kasia was so helpful for my trip to Poland. She really went out of her way to help me. She made the trip to Poland very successful. I was very impressed with her. She gave me helpful train info. I highly recommend your service. I found it by google. Chopin concert in Warsaw was excellent. Kasia mentioned that one to me. Driver for my trip to Rybien area was pleasant and very helpful.

Marylin (USA, 2010)
Hello Monika,
I just talked to ........, they wanted me to thank you for them. They had a very good time in Poland. They said it was the highlight of the trip. They are both of Polish decent and absolutely loved the food and the people.  She has 2 daughters that she wants to bring back. The trip you planned is exactly what they wanted, she asked me to keep the contact so when she is ready to go back she can use your assistance again. Please thank everyone for them.

Mary (USA, 2010), tour for customers of our travel partner
Spoke with several folks and each and everyone at SP that we spoke with were not only professional and competent, but friendly and helpful. Loved the stories and personalization our walking tour guide provided! We will come back to Poland but this time set up more with your company beforehand. We've already recommended you to several other friends!
Used StayPoland.com for a piano recital in Warsaw, a private walking tour in Krakow and a trip to Wieliczka Salt Mines ... tried to set up a half day culinary class but it was last minute and didn't work out ... ALL was not only wonderful but exceeded our expectations
Krakow Old Town (Stare Miasto) was simply amazing and we'll likely come back sooner or later. So many cafe's untried, church interiors not seen, museums not strolled, etc.

Stan (USA, 2010)
Dear Magdalena,
Now that I've settled back into routine, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you, the three tour guides Marta, Anna and Isabella as well as the two drivers for taking very good care of me throughout my trip.  I could not have been placed in better hands.  It was also an absolute pleasure to meet you in person.  You will be greatly recommended to any family, friend or colleague who will be interested in taking a tour of Poland in the future.  I'd like to mention that I plan to take a private heritage tour of Lithuania in July 2011.  Please be so kind as to forward me any contacts you may have to make this trip possible.
Thank you again for making my journey the success that it was.

Leeanne (Israel, 2010), tailor- made tour
I recently travelled to Poland with your firm and Monika was my agent. I would like to commend her on a job well done. You should be proud to have her as an agent. Based on my experiences with Monika I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my associates here in the States.

Steven (USA), tailor-made tour, 2010
We just got back from our trip. It was wonderful. However, the guides and particularly the drivers used were outstanding. Every driver was outstanding and I have traveled extensively and I never saw such service and dedication. I will certainly tell my friends about Poland but also of you and the company and how well everything was organized.

Ron (USA, 2010), tailor-made tour
I was going through some papers and found a copy of the itinerary for our trip during this past December, it made me think of what a great time we had.  I just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated all the hard work you put into making this such a wonderful experience for us.
Since returning home we've met others who were in Poland during the same time of year who did not have as good a time because of less planning.  Your help with English speaking guides and drivers was invaluable.
Thank you very much, you made a good trip really exceptional.

Connie (USA, 2010), tailor-made tour
Frau Gromek,
Es hat alles sehr gut funktioniert. Auch die Pünktlichkeit war hervorragend! Die Stadtführerin war sehr kompetent und ist bereitwillig auf besondere Wünsche und Fragen eingegangen.
Everything functioned well. Also, the punctuality was amazing! The city guide was very competent and readily responded to special wishes and questions.

Peter (Germany, 2009), city tour
Hi Patrycja,
I'm in California and at last not traveling for a while. I want to thank you for all your assistance through StayPoland. The trip was a real success and having found Atrium with your help and having the tours set up made everything work smoothly. I've just sent in the StayPoland evaluation for Atrium and StayPoland services; everybody gets a piatka! I don't know yet if the student group in 2010 will need the StayPoland services, but if so, we look forward to working with you all. Thank you again for such great service!

Teddy (USA, 2009)
Hello Magdalena,
I am catching up on email. I would like to say thank you for your efforts in helping us arrange our visit to Poland. The tours guides and transfers were all very professional, punctual, courteous and informational. We were very satisfied with the arrangements we made through StayPoland. I will keep StayPoland in mind when I return to Poland.

Thanks again,
Joe (USA, 2009)
Hi Patrycja,
I wish to give you an unequivocal thank you for your help in making arrangements for us in Poland. All of the tours came off without any problems and were well worth the cost. The Senacki Hotel was excellent with a friendly, competent staff and the location was perfect. Would certainly stay there again on a return to Krakow and would avail myself of your services once again. You really helped me to make this a very special vacation for us and our grandson.

Jason (USA, 2009)
Czesc Monika
I just wanted to say thank you for organising the tours for us. Both tours were excellent and our guides were perfect (...) They both went very much above and beyond what we expected.
Thank you once again for helping make it a very memorable trip for us. I will be recommending staypoland.com to other people :).

Nick (UK, 2009)
To whom it may concern, I just wanted to say how wonderful your company did for me on my trip to Wroclaw Poland,for myself and 2 friends. Magdalena did a great job for us setting up our airport transfers,tours and our guide Mr. Michal Filarowski in Wroclaw was just great,friendly,funny,and had great information. I would give Magdalena the highest marks though for all the work she did in setting up our trip.Thank you for the great service and i would refer you anyone!!!

Mark (USA, 2009)
Thank you for putting together a wonderful tour of Poland. We had a great time and really enjoyed your country. All of your logistics worked perfectly, with drivers, tour guides and trains all on schedule. The accommodations were fine and the food was a big surprise. We have already downloaded recipes for Bigos and Zurek Soup.
Thank you again for doing a marvelous job and if you need any testimonials for why people should use StayPoland, we would be more then happy to recommend your services.

Lynn & Bill (USA, 2009)
Droga Pani Patrycjo, Panie Tomku i cały StayPoland- DZIĘKUJEMY za wspaniałą wycieczkę na południe Polski. Cała rodzina Amerykańska jest zachwycona. Nie tylko zorganizowaliście wszystko perfekcyjnie, dostarczyliście niezapomnianych wrażeń ale również zrobiliście wspaniałą reklamę dla Polski i Polaków. My tu jeszcze wrócimy!

Ania i Rich (USA, 2009)
Dear Magdalena,
We returned from Poland this morning. I and my friends would like to thank you for organizing great excursion for us from Opole to Aushwitz and Krakow. The driver Vladislav and guides Magda and Marta were fantastic. Please give them very big greetings rom Montenegro.
I wish you all the best and great success at work

Best regards,
Slaven (Montenegro, 2009)
Hi Patrycja,
Wanted you to know that I have had a wonderful stay in Krakow--all arrangements happened as planned and all the people involved were excellent, professional and pleasant. A special work to Peter my driver in Krakow--just delightful, knowledgable wonderful young man--he should be commended. Thanks for your help.

Barry (USA, 2009)
Dear Monika
Thank you for all your kind assistance in organsing the trip, Her Majesty Queen Anne-Marie and the rest of the party thoroughly enjoyed their day in Krakow. The guide was excellent and they found Krakow to be very beautiful.

Kind regards
Jackie (Denmark, Greece 2009)
Hi Patrycja,
just a quick word to thank you for all you have done for us on our recent trip to krakow
i have left very positive feedback on your website:

....... again very very helpfull especially p . dabrowska from the stay poland office ( thank you so much for all your help ) taxi drivers where very very informative and helpfull and always on time for every trip and taxi ride we had booked i would say that the help we were given from stay poland was 5 stars from start to finish and will definately be booking through staypoland in march or april next year for another short trip to poland once again i cant thank you all enough for all the hassle and booking changes i caused you at the office but you sorted it out very very efficiently and without a problem
thank you

Edward (UK, 2009)
Pani Magdaleno,
wrocilismy z Polski pare dni temu, i chcialam Pani serdecznie podziekowac za pomoc.
Z cala pewnoscia polecimy Panstwa uslugi, jezeli ktos ze znajomych bedzie udawal sie do Polski. Z szczegolnoscia chcielismy pochwalic naszego kierowce, Pana Artura, ktory obwozil nas po Oswiecimiu i Wieliczce, doskonaly serwis!
Nasi przewodnicy byli naprawde nadzwyczajni, Pani Barbara (po Krakowie) i Pan Witold (po Oswiecimiu i Brzezince). Ogromna wiedza, zyczliwosc, cierpliwosc, piekny angielski- wielkie dzieki!

Urszula (USA, 2009)
Hi Magdalena
Just wanted to thank you for all your help in setting up this trip for my parents.
They LOVED IT!!!
they also wanted to thank the tour guides - they were excellent - they really enjoyed the trip - and all the fun.
Again, appreciate everything -

Dean (USA, 2009)
Thank you Magdalena,
I would like to take this opportunity to say that you were very helpful and made the tour planning very easy.
Today I had lunch with two of my friends who are from Poland and they told me the itinerary for the tours is excellent. 
Thank you again for all your help and I will recommend Staypoland to my colleagues who travel to our Poland Office I am sure they would be interested in doing tours through your company.

Karen (USA, 2009), tailor-made tour
Dear Monika,
I thought I should let you know that we were very happy with the standard of our minibus transport and also the driver, Andrzej, who was very helpful. His driving and language skills were excellent, had we needed a guide as well as a driver, he would have been a good choice.
With best wishes from England.

Paul (UK/England, 2008), tailor-made tour
As a whole, my tour was: as good as it could be (the Best) | The value for money was: excellent | The travel agency support before the tour was: excelent | The itinerary was: good | The hotels were: excellent | The restaurants and food were: excellent | In my opinion, the tour leader was: the BEST, Good Teacher and leader | The local guides were: good | The bus and the driver: excellent | The strongest points were: organization & points of interest | The weakest points were: Days were too long | I would recommend STAYPOLAND because: organization; clarity of instructions; leader gave us many laughs; excellent sense of humour | How did you like Poland?: Excellent.

An anonymous participant to fixed-date escorted tour (2008): all customers may fill such a questionnaire anonymously after the tour. It helps us further improve the programs and services. The responses are very positive and any critical remarks noted and worked on.
Dear Magdalena,
Just a note to tell you how much the Greenbaums enjoyed having Andrew as their tour guide on July 11.They said he was absolutely wonderful and very well-informed about everything he showed them. They said he explained what they were seeing and told them as much as he could about the camp. They hated to say goodbye and leave him. He was also great with the kids.
I would certainly choose your company again for any future clients I get who would be visiting Poland, and especially, I would only request Andrew.
I really appreciate all your help putting this tour together for them.
Thanks again
Best regards

Barbara (Canada, 2008), tailor-made tour
We would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for a wonderful vacation. Piotr was a great driver and all the tour guides were friendly and very information (we truly enjoyed Ewa on our trip to Zakopane). We cannot say enought wonderful things about your tour group. We are definitely looking forward to our trip next summer and using your company to book our new tours.

Eleonora and Lawrence (USA, 2008), tailor-made tour
I would like to take a moment and thank you and the entire staff at StayPoland.com for the best trip of our lives. Monica and I had an exceptional time with the group while we were in Poland. Our guide Zuzanna and driver Pawel were the absolute best. We have recommended StayPoland to all of our family and friends, and we are already making our plans to come back in 2007 or around the same timeframe.

Kevin and Monica (USA, 2006), fixed-date escorted tour
Witam Pani Magdo,
Zwiedzanie SUPER – był to jeden z najmocniejszych punktów naszego spotkania – przewodnicy profesjonalni i bardzo sympatyczni także rewelacja.
Jeszcze raz bardzo dziękujemy!!!!
Serdecznie pozdrawiam,

Kasia (Poland, 2008), tailor-made tour
To Stay Poland Tours:
We would just like to say thank you for the Tour Poland in One Day. It was really excellent. Our driver was fantastic, he was both pleasant, full of knowledge and a very good driver!!! Our tour guide in Krakow was also excellent, she was very knowledgeable, we enjoyed that tour very much.

Thank you
Damon, Sharon and Dane (South Africa, 2008), tailor-made tour
Dear Patrycja,
I'm writing just to say that my "Chopin Tour" was superb, outstanding, excellent, unforgetable...
The tour guide, Ms. Margareth - and the driver - Michael - (I hope I didn't mistake their names) were very respectful, gallant and sympathetic. Poland is a very lovely and beautiful country and I look forward to come back again. You also was very regardful with me, and I'd like to thank you very much for everything.
Thank you once again, with best regards,

Otavio (Brazil, 2008), tailor-made tour
Dear Patrycja,
We had a fabulous time. Our driver (Radick) was perfect. He spoke much more than basic English and was quite personable. He helped make the trip perfect. My sister in law and cousin in law had never traveled anywhere before. They did not want to leave Poland. Poland is such a delightful place to visit. The people are helpful and kind. The countryside is beautiful and the cities are clean. The train service is inexpensive and the trains are clean. Of course having the car and driver was terrific. My husband found relatives he did not know existed in Hoczew.
I cannot thank you again for all the work you did for us. We really appreciate it. It made our trip a delight. ......
I think Poland should market it's beauty, hospitality, history, and availability as travel destination better to the USA market. I am not of Polish descent I just like going there to visit. Your hard work helped make our trip I cannot thank you enough. .... If you have people from the states that desire references I would be very happy to provide them. Again thank you for all you did.


Candace (USA, 2008), tailor-made tour
Dear Patrycja,
Thank you and your colleagues for making our trip to Poland a truly wonderful experience.
Michael met us at the airport and took us to our hotel in Warsaw, giving us some great tips on what to do for the remainder of the day. He then turned up on Saturday to take us on our Poland in One Day tour. He was most competent, patient and extremely kind, a great ambassador for Poland. In Krakow we met a wonderful guide who, despite the rain, gave us a great tour of her city....again, a great ambassador for Krakow and Poland.
Unfortunately we had to leave on Sunday and Michael returned us to the airport. We all came home with profound memories of what we had seen but I speak for us all, children, adults and grandmother alike when I say that we are already planning to return to Poland as soon as we can.
Thank you again for making the trip very easy and enjoyable and please could you pass on my thanks to all other people for what they did to make our trip so good?

Kind regards

Alan (UK/Wales, 2008), tailor-made tour
I have just returned to work following my holiday in Europe which included the Poland in One Go tour. Would like to tell you what a fantastic time my husband and I had. Your tour included the very best that Poland can offer – there were no hidden extras and our tour guide was absolutely wonderful. I have no hesitation in recommending StayPoland to any future prospective clients. Selecting StayPoland from the internet without any prior knowledge of your company was worrying, but it was the best organized and time managed tour that I have ever done. Poland is not a common tourist destination for Australians but StayPoland gave us the perfect experience – Well done and thank you again.

Patricia and Henry (Australia, 2006), fixed-date escorted tour
Recently my friend, Carol .... , and I were in Poland at the American School of Warsaw and the host .... made the arrangements for us to take the Poland in a Day trip to Auschwitz and Krakow (from Warsaw).
Our driver was at the hotel promptly as arranged. The day was very well organized -- Paul, our driver was very efficient, accommodating, and pleasant. He was attentive and always quietly where he was needed. When we were faced with rain during the Auschwitz tour he promptly produced umbrellas; requests for convenience stops were graciously fulfilled -- at every turn he had anticipated what was needed.
The service in the restaurant in Krakow was superb and each course, very promptly served without rushing -- but no time wasted either. A taste of traditional Polish dishes was appreciated.
Our guide in Krakow, Anna, was most accommodating and very well informed. We were able to see the historic areas, the bazaar (shopping :>), and she filled us in on the most interesting historical facts of the area. Such a beautiful city. I do wish we had had more time in Krakow, but she certainly helped us make the most of the time we did have there. She and Paul coordinated our walking and automobile pick-up so as to maximize our sightseeing time.
A well-spent day -- thanks to your organization,

Paul and Anna (USA, 2008), tailor-made tour
Dear Zuzanna,
Phil and I want to thank you and your staff for making our trip a reality.  It was "icing on the cake" to meet you in Warsaw.  The arrangements went flawlessly -- our connections and hotels were comfortable, attractive, and immaculate; the tour guides treated us like family and the elegant beauty of your country - all contributed to memories which we will treasure for the rest of our lives. 
I hope your holiday was a good one and that the beautiful weather you arranged for us continued after we departed.

Milli and Phil (USA, 2007), tailor-made tour
Hi Zuzanna,
I meant to email you and let you know what a great time we had. Everything was perfect I just don’t even know where to start. My father was the happiest I’ve ever seen him, Krakow and Zakopane were more just beautiful, great hotels, guides, drivers….everything. We had the best time and I’ll remember it forever. Thank you for everything. I would like to go back again.

Thea (USA, 2007), tailor-made tour