Why Poland?

Europe’s most intriguing country. An inspiring, dynamic destination with 1000 years of rich, unparalleled history. An endless variety of medieval cities, traditions, curiosities, delights and landscapes. The 16th most visited country worldwide.


Why Poland

Fascinating Cities and other Sights

Especially Krakow – the old royal capital – is acclaimed for its many precious architectural monuments and a unique friendly atmosphere. You will love it. Just give yourselves time for some other splendid and culturally rich towns: Gdansk, Wroclaw, Torun or Kazimierz Dolny. They rank among the most beautiful places in northeastern Europe. Warsaw is very different, puzzling, but a real “must see” as well. Try not to miss numerous Polish castles and palaces (some of them provide accommodation) and some other attractions (e.g. the oldest salt mine in Wieliczka or the Elblag canal).

Countryside Experience

The countryside way of life retains much from the old days. Its backwardness may startle you. What can startle even more is that Polish countryside is turning into a major area for rural vacations. It has an enormous potential for a return to the very basics: thousands of people come to learn to bake bread, milk a cow or to take a rest at a quiet lake. If you prefer activities, go skiing, horse-riding, canoeing, surfing or mountaineering. There are wild berries, mushrooms, narrow-gauge railways, and easy-to-spot animals. And things so are cheap to buy!

Historical Cataclysms

Poland has had a complicated existence. It was too often invaded, divided and conquered. The frontiers were unstable and peace was rare. Poland saw tyrannies, insurgencies and the 20th century at its worst: dictatorship, extermination camps, complete destruction of the main cities, an unparalleled shift of the borders and a failed attempt at socialism. The complex historical patchwork and the indomitable national spirit make it one of the most intriguing countries to visit.

Natural Treasures

To compensate for what was said in the previous paragraph, note that Poland has twenty-two national parks with varied landscape – seaside, lake districts, marshes, fertile plains, highlands and rocky mountains. Some areas have outstanding scenic beauties (the Tatra, Mazury, Biebrza, Narew, Wolin Island or Bieszczady) and famous spa resorts.

Spiritual Trail

Poland belongs to the most religious countries in the world. There are many cathedrals, beautiful churches and important shrines with immense spiritual significance: Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, the Kalwaria Zebrzydowska pilgrimage site or the new Divine Mercy Shrine in Lagiewniki. The areas around Wadowice and Krakow are connected with the life of John Paul II. Do not miss also the Protestant peace churches in Silesia, wooden Orthodox churches in the far east or the few Tartar mosques. On the Cracovia Wawel Castle is located one of the seven chakra points on the Earth.

Cultural plurality

The present shape of the country is a result of the mixing and influencing of cultures – German, Jewish, Ukrainian, Italian, Dutch, Armenian, Czech, Austrian, Swedish, Danish, Russian and others. We invite you to come and uncover some very interesting links between Poland and your cultures.

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