A Weekend in Poznan. 7 places you cannot miss during your holiday in the Polish capital of commerce.

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The capital of Greater Poland is steeped in over 1000 years of history, starting from the first defensive stronghold in Ostrow Tumski in the 8th and 9th centuries. It became one of the principal centers of the Piast state, the royal dynasty from which the first Polish king, Mieszko I, descended. Today, Poznan is a witness of historical events and a modern metropolis known abroad as an important international fair center and a lively city where a multitude of attractions gives headaches to even the most active travelers. Don’t want to miss any important sights? Use our tips and plan your perfect stay in Poznan!

Old Market Square

Located in the heart of the historic old town, feast your eyes on classical city palaces and adorable merchant houses with their stunning arcades. 

But the real highlight is the magnificent Town Hall, the most famous example of Renaissance architecture in all of Poland. Every day at high noon, metal figures of billy goats emerge and butt their heads 12 times to informed the locals about the exact time. Don’t be late; it happens only once a day!

Poznan Croissant Museum

Opposite the charming goats, there is a place that hides the secrets of Poznan’s favorite cooking treasure – the St. Martin’s croissants. These crescent rolls made of semi-puff pastry and white poppy seeds have been popular since the 19th century, where they were eaten for the first time during a church fair in St Martin’s parish. 

Today, this story stays alive thanks to the interactive museum of the Poznan Croissant. Here, you can learn all the details of the baking of this specialty and discover the finer details of confectionery while making dough for this filling dessert. And all this complemented by a lesson in the local dialect. Hope you’re hungry!

Ostrow Tumski

When you take the popular tourist walk from the Old Town (called the Royal-Imperial Route), you will find the oldest section of the city with a Romanesque cathedral. Here you’ll find relics of the first cathedral, a baptistery, and graves of Poland’s first sovereigns. With its cobbled streets running in the place of the former ramparts, and the historic houses of the cathedral canons standing in the gardens, the area seems to be an enclave of peace and quiet where time simply moves a little slower than usual. 

Maltanskie Lake

Maltanskie Lake is the perfect destination to spend your time away from the crowd of tourists. This unique recreational area takes its name from the Knights of Malta, who would meet here. It serves as a racing course where many prestigious sporting events and outdoor concerts are organized. It’s also a place where many inhabitants come for family walks of a weekend.

Along the north shore of the lake runs the Park Railway, “Maltanka”, that takes you to the New Zoo. It’s a great adventure, not only for the kids!

The Old Brewery Shopping, Culture and Business Centre (Stary Browar)

This restored 19th-century brewery complex has been combined with a new glass and steel structure to form a unique shopping and art center. It’s a place known for unusual artistic events promoting independent modern art. If you are looking for the ideal spot for a business meeting mixed with a unique and exciting culture, Stary Browar will not disappoint you. We’re not surprised that in 2005 Stary Browar won an award from the International Council of Shopping Centers for the best shopping center in the world in the category of medium-sized shopping facilities!

Museum of Musical Instruments

The only Polish museum (and third biggest in Europe) of professional and folk instruments. This place is a combination of music, history, and ethnography, with a collection of more than 2000 items from around the world, like music boxes, barrel organs, gramophones or show-cases violins. 

A separate room holds the relics of Frederic Chopin – a place not to be missed by the admirers of the infamous Polish composer. Whether you’re a music fan or not, this place will not leave you bored!

Collegium Altum 

When visiting a new city, we often want to get a birds-eye view of the place. That’s why observation points are such a popular attraction. For the best city view of Poznan, you should definitely climb on the terrace of the Economic Academy skyscraper. Looking down from 80 meters above, it gives you a fantastic panorama of the city’s old quarter and Ostrow Tumski. You can feel the world at your feet!

Have more than two days to explore the local heritage? Take short tours outside the city to the following places:

  • Gniezno – a small, historical city where Poland’s baptism took place in 966, and two years later, the first Polish diocese was established; 
  • Kornik Castle – the seat of the old aristocratic family of Wielkopolska, housing a precious book collection, including old prints, manuscripts and volumes formerly belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte;
  • Steam Train Depot in Wolsztyn – the only place in Europe where steam locomotives are used for regular passenger transport!

Poznan is a charming city; full of lovely places and surprising with its atmosphere, dynamic and open-minded at the same time. This city has an unmistakable character that’ll keep you coming back to discover more!

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