Cekanowo is a tiny village, near Plock. The place is an ideal destination for everyone who is tired of hustle and bustle of the big city and would like to rest and relax in the open air. It is also a great starting point to the neighbouring towns, like Wyszogrod.


Cekanowo TOURISM

Cekanowo is a small village in Plock County. The village itself cannot boast of many monuments, but it may be a good starting point to the neighbouring bigger towns, like the county capital Plock or Wyszogrod. Plock has a lot of interesting attractions and monuments to offer. Those especially worth visiting are: the Cathedral Basilica from 1144, a castle from the 14th century converted for Benedict’s abbey as well as the Old Town with Tumska and Grodzka Streets.
While in Cekanowo you ought to visit also Wyszogrod (approximately 30 km from the village) and St Trinity Church from the 18th century, Saint Mary of the Angels Church and Jewish cemetery from the 15th century as well as two bridges on the Vistula in there.



Cekanowo is a small village in the Masovian Voivodeship, in Plock County and Slupno Commune. The place is populated by approximately 650 people.



The terrains of Slupno Commune have always been very attractive for settlers. The first records about Slupno are from the 12th century but probably settlers came here already in the 6th century.
The Second World War was not the best period in the history of Slupno Commune. From 28 November 1940 till 1941 Archbishop Antoni Julian Nowowiejski and Bishop Leon Wetmanski were imprisoned here and later were sent to Soldau (KL) labour camp in Dzialdowo, where they both died. In April 1942, on the other hand, Germans murdered 25 citizens of Slupno and neighbouring villages.
After the war the industrialisation of Plock began. Large refinery-petrochemical works were built and in the neighbourhood of Cekanowo PERN Przyjazn company, the storage of crude oil, was erected.


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