Jugowice, a small village in Lower Silesia, is situated close to Walbrzych. It is a perfect destination for those wanting to spend their holidays in a tranquil and quiet place. Its location in the Bystrzyca River valley, among mountains and forests and only 3 km from a picturesque lake ensure a treat in nature for the visitors. The village is an ideal destination for weekend getaways and integration camps.


Jugowice TOURISM

Jugowice is located between the Owl and Walbrzyskie Mountains, making it a great starting point for sightseeing trips. Many tourists go to Grodno Castle, which is situated in a nature reserve by Lake Bystrzyckie. This crystal clear lake is a perfect place for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. Those who enjoy canoeing and water biking can rent the equipment in Wodniak camping site. Also worth visiting are: castles in Ksiaz and Bolkow, a palm house in Lubiechow, Dwarf Rocks (Polish: Skaly Krasnoludkow) near Krzeszow as well as the “Leaning Tower” of Zabkowice. Jugowice itself has a cemetery bell tower and a listed house at Gorna Street from the first half of the 19th century.
Jugowice is an ideal winter destination. Active travellers will surely appreciate the close proximity to the slopes, such as: Wielka Sowa, Bartek and Jedlina-Zdroj. More advanced skiers tend to go to Lomnica (12 km away) or Gwarek (18 km away).
A unique tradition of Jugowice is the Push-Pull Party. The annual event is organised in the second half of July by the Railway Brotherhood from the Owl Mountains (Polish: Sowiogrskie Bractwo Kolejowe).



Jugowice, located 13 km from Walbrzych, lies between the Middle and Western Sudetes. Local climate causes large daily temperature fluctuations. The Ksiazanski Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in the area.



The Jugowice area is very old. It was already inhabited in the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods. However, the first written records come from more modern times. Pre-war postcards depict an old cemetery, railway station and a bridge on the River Bystrzyca in between Jugowice and Zagorze Slaskie. A feature peculiar to the Jugowice area, and other similar villages in Poland, is the old shrines usually located at crossroads.
The neighbouring town of Osowka used to be Adolf Hitler’s main headquarter in Lower Silesia. If you are planning to spend a holiday in the Owl Mountains, you ought to visit the remains of this mysterious project of the Third Reich.


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