Koleczkowo, a charming village in the northern Poland, is situated no more than 20 km from Gdynia and 30 km from Gdansk. The location ensures easy access to “big city life”, and at the same time provides the typical-for-a-village tranquility. This picturesque resort is a paradise for those who appreciate the unique beauty of Polish seaside.


Koleczkowo TOURISM

Although Koleczkowo is quite small, tourism here is well developed. The village is a typical seaside resort with hotels and guesthouses in the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, there are not many distractions in the area, which tend to discourage young people from visiting Koleczkowo. Yet the close proximity to Gdynia assures quick access to all “big city life” entertainment.
There are some worth-a-visit monuments in Koleczkowo. The most recommended are: houses of rich peasants from the 19th century, a bunker, an obelisk and a mill in the nearby Koleczkowski Mlyn.
The village also boasts of a great multi-generation singing and dancing group, called “Koleczkowienie”, made up by the inhabitants of Koleczkowo and the nearby villages.
This charming resort is popular with those who treasure harmony with nature. Anglers and keen swimmers will surely appreciate the clear local lakes.



Koleczkowo is situated in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in the north of Poland. It lies within the Tricity Landscape Park, and is very close to Gdynia. You can easily and quickly get there during a tour of Gdansk, by a local bus or car.
Koleczkowo is a sizable village with a population of 1,750 inhabitants. However, the visitor number increases greatly during spring and summer seasons. Due to its unique microclimate, the rich-in-iodine sea air and access to clear local lakes, Koleczkowo attracts many tourists annually.



The first records of Koleczkowo dates from 1399. In the second half of the 15th century the village became Crown’s land and the property of the Uberfeld family. The subsequent owners were the Wolski and Lebinski families. In the interwar period Koleczkowo had a population of 500 people. At that time the village helped to build Gdynia, a city that is a part of the famous Three Town Agglomeration. During the occupation (1939-1945) Koleczkowo was a local centre of the Polish resistance movement – more than a hundred of its inhabitants were assisting the partisans.
In 2002, 552 people inhabited the village. Currently, with a population of 1,750, Koleczkowo is one of the fastest developing areas in the District of Szemud.


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