Lysomice is a small place in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Because it is well located being only 10 km from Torun, hence it is a ideal place to start Torun tour. The village has a special microclimate and provides great conditions for rest and relaxation.


Lysomice TOURISM

Apart from a classicist Donimirskis’ palace, there are few monuments in Lysomice. However, while in here one ought to visit interesting places in the village’s neighbourhood, like the Gothic church of St. Johns from the 13th century in Swierczynki, the Gothic church of St. Nicklaus from 1300 in Papowo Torunskie as well as manors in Turzno and Lipniczki.
Lysomice Commune is a perfect place for active visitors and nature lovers. On its terrains there are the Piwnicki Forest Reserve, numerous foot and bike trails, as well as the picturesque Kamionkowskie Lake with the area of 71,4 ha. The lake characterises with high water purity and is used by Torun citizens and the inhabitants of Lysomice commune for their recreation needs’ fulfillment.



Lysomice is a village in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Torun County and Lysomice Commune. It has the population of approximately 1,100.
There is A1 motorway running through Lysomice Commune. The nearest junction is in Turzno (9 km from Lysomice).



The first settlers appeared in this area already 10 thousand years BC. The first records about this place, however, are from the late Middle Ages. The commune was then ruled by the Teutonic Order. As a result of partitions of Poland the region was joined to Prussia and remained within its borders until the outbreak of the First World War.
In the interwar period Poland was in deep crisis and so was Lysomice Commune. Village settlement remained in stagnation, properties of land owners were minimised and the greatest manors in the commune (in Lysomice, Turzno and Lipniczki) fell into decay.
Another catastrophe for the region was the outbreak of the Second World War. Germans came here on 6 September 1939. Properties were robbed and people murdered. In all, during the war Nazis killed approximately 100 inhabitants of Lysomice Commune. The number of those deported to extermination and labour camps is not known.
Lysomice Commune came to existence as a result of joining Lulkowo and Turzno Districts. At first Turzno was the commune’s seat, but in 1972 the seat was moved to Lysomice.


7 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:62 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • the most visited place in Poland
  • the symbol of the 20th century
  • door-to-door service

Auschwitz & Wieliczka

10 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:125 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • two UNESCO sites in one day
  • door-to-door travel service
  • professional, fully involved local guides


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