Situated at the seaside, Miedzywodzie is an excellent holiday destination for those who love to relax on the beach, while at the same time offering abundant possibilities of other forms of recreation. Since the 1970s it has boasted the status of a spa, which together with a robust tourist base, draws flocks of visitors dreaming of sun, white sand and fresh air.

Miedzywodzie TOURISM

Miedzywodzie is a tourist resort and spa. Its biggest attraction is undoubtedly the beach. It is partly guarded and is 600 metres long. While in here you ought to take a walk to Miedzyzdroje along the seashore. Party lovers will surely appreciate a bar and disco complex located at the entrance to the beach.
While in Miedzywodzie you should visit neighbouring resorts, like Dziwnow or Miedzyzdroje, where numerous events are organised. Those especially worth seeing are: International Regatta (Dziwnow, July), Sports Stars Festival (Dziwnow, August), International Festival of Choral Songs (Miedzyzdroje, June), Stars Festival (Miedzyzdroje, July) as well as Slavs and Vikings Festival (Miedzyzdroje, August).
During summer there operates a small cinema in Miedzywodzie. There are also numerous bike, motorbike and go-cart rentals, photo and game automats and billiards.



Miedzywodzie is a village in the Western-Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Kamien Pomorski County and Dziwnow Commune, with the population of 635.
The resort is situated in the eastern part of Wolin Island, on Miedzywodzki Peninsula, in between Baltic Sea and Kamienski Reservoir. A voivodeship road no. 102 (Miedzyzdroje – Kolobrzeg) runs through Miedzywodzie.



Miedzywodzie was established in the beginning of the 19th century as a fishing village. It was then a part of Kamien Pomorski. Its inhabitants were in the majority fishers; in spring they were catching salmon and in autumn herring.
In the end of the 19th century Miedzywodzie began to grow and develop as a tourist resort. It has remained as such until now and since 1974 it has been functioning as a spa, which treats rheumatism.


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