Pobierowo is a famous seaside resort in the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship. This small picturesque town is mostly visited by older people who enjoy peaceful places surrounded by nature. However, this tranquillity is misguiding; Pobierowo also has a young, energetic crowd frequenting the numerous discos and pubs in the village.


Pobierowo TOURISM

Pobierowo is a good summer and fall destination. In fall, it attracts active tourists with its numerous well-maintained biking trails. In summer, holidaymakers can sunbathe on the beautiful sandy beach, swim in the sea, or sample the fried flatfish or cod in any of Pobierowo’s restaurants. Further, there’s a tug of war championship and the activities organised by the Sun Academy (Polish: Akademia Słońca).
The Sun Academy, organised annually in Pobierowo, aims at livening up the seaside holiday. You can learn resuscitation techniques from the healthcare providers, or quiz the dermatologists on safe sunbathing or talk to the lifeguards. The Academy also organises workout sessions (e.g. aerobics), plays and contests for both adults and children.
Pobierowo hosts Poland’s Tug of War Championship. Every year it is held in the town centre and it is very popular with tourists. Those who have enrolled earlier stand a chance to win prizes and awards. Apart from medals, prizes include vouchers issued by restaurants and shops. The contest concludes with a concert. Fun is assured.



Pobierowo, lies in the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship, is approximately 40 km from Miedzyzdroje and 60 km from Swinoujscie. The resort is situated by the Baltic Sea, making it a perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts.
Pobierowo is a sizable village with a population of 1,054 inhabitants. However, the visitor number increases greatly during summer. Due to its unique microclimate and rich-in-iodine sea air, Pobierowo attracts many tourists annually.



The first records of Pobierowo date from 1386 when village was owned by the Kleis family. In the 18th century, their descendants sold the land. A century later it was transformed from a rural area to a tourist resort.
In 1907, a farmer named Frohreich built a hotel in the village. Seeblick, as it was called, was the first hotel in Pobierowo. About 40 years later people began to build more and more guesthouses that were mostly rented by Germans. Eventually, this picturesque village became a favourite holiday destination for the Germans. In all, during the interwar period approximately 1,000 guesthouses were constructed in Pobierowo.
Currently, Pobierowo is perceived as one of the most beautiful places on the seaside. Every year thousands of Polish and German tourists visit this charming village.


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