Poręba Wielka

Poreba Wielka is a picturesque place in Gorce, the mountain range in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, located about 70 km from Krakow. The beauty of the local landscapes and unique microclimate annually attract tourists wishing to rest and relax in a harmony with nature.

Poręba Wielka TOURISM

Poreba Wielka is famous for being a tourist and spa resort; there are numerous hot iodine-bromine mineral water springs. The town is a great starting point to Gorce mountain range (to Turbacz, Obidowiec and Suhora mountains among others). There are two blue, one yellow and three green tourist trails running through Poreba.
An unquestionable tourist attraction in Poreba Wielka is the Wodzickis’ park from the 16th century. There are numerous old trees in the park, such as: elms, sycamore maples, limes and larches; the largest tree is the so called Wladyslaw I Elbow-high’s elm with six-meter trunk circumference. Other worth visiting places are: Wladysław Orkan’s Biographical Museum (the so called “Orkanówka”), the Suhora mountain-based observatory as well as Our Lady of Fatima Church.



Poreba Wielka is a small holiday resort in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, located in Gorce, in Porebianka and Koninka streams valleys. The town is a seat of Gorce National Park.
The local climate is rather mild. It is characterised by small temperature fluctuations, a large amount of precipitation and mild winds.



The first records about Poreba Wielka are from 1380. In the 15th century it was the main village of the so called Poreba Key (Polish: klucz porębski) and was ruled by the Ratuld family. In the 16th century it came into possession of the Pieniazek family and later became the administrative centre with such villages as: Niedzwiedz, Podobin, Witow, Zawada, Konina, Lostowka, Letowne, Mszana Gorna and Lubomierz. In the 17th century the glassworks company together with the potash works was built here. Moreover, a high-quality broadcloth and beer were produced in Poreba.

In the mid 20th century wells were dug here; they proved the existence of iodine-bromine mineral waters in Poreba.


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