Rydzewo is a typical Masurian tourist resort situated no further than 15 km from Gizycko and 25 km from Mikolajki. Due to its close proximity to many clear lakes, it is a paradise for water sport lovers. Those who enjoy outdoor activities will certainly appreciate this picturesque village.



Rydzewo is an ideal destination for those who enjoy active pursuits. It is situated by Niegocin Lake, one of the largest lakes in the region, making it ideal for all water sport enthusiasts and keen anglers. Rydzewo’s range of attractions also includes a well-maintained beach, a shipping port and water sport equipment rentals.
You will not find any worth-a-visit monuments in Rydzewo. If you intend to sightsee, go to the nearby Mragowo and Gizycko, where there are a few old churches, museums and castles.



Rydzewo, a small village in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, is located approximately 15 km from Gizycko and 25 km from Mikolajki. The resort is situated by Niegocin Lake, which makes it a perfect destination for water sport fans.
There are not many permanent inhabitants of Rydzewo. However, in spring and summer seasons the visitor number greatly increases and this small Masurian resort becomes vibrant and lively. Tourists are mostly attracted by the clear local lakes and a unique-for-this-region microclimate.



The first records of Rydzewo date from 1552. Approximately 25 years later Evangelical Bishop Johannes Wigand commissioned the building of a church in the village. It was designed in gothic style with a square west side tower and a sacristy on the north side. The church was eventually completed in 1591 and became a parish for Poles only. In 1666, the German nobility lodged a complaint to administrative authorities of the village that there were no masses in their language. As a result, pastors were required to hold masses in German as well.
In the beginning of the 20th century, Germans began to spread their culture and language to the Poles. Germanisation, as the process was called, affected Masuria and naturally Rydzewo, too. All the people in the region had to be able to communicate in German fluently.
The Evangelical temple was converted into a Roman Catholic Church in 1945. The church is still in use and is an unquestionable attraction of Rydzewo.


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