Sierakow is a small town in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, located 75 km from Poznan. It is famous for its monuments and Jaroszewskie Lake, which is a favourite recreation place for inhabitants of neighbouring towns.


Sierakow TOURISM

Although Sierakow is quite small, it may boast of a number of monuments. The most important are: the monastery of the Franciscan Brothers Minor with a church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (1624-1639), the evangelical church from the 18th century, the synagogue from the late 19th century, the remains of the Opalinskis’ Castle (now the seat of museum) as well as buildings for a herd of stallions from the 19th-20th century.
The best place for rest and relaxation in Sierakow is Jaroszewskie Lake. Apart from two bathing beaches, there are numerous camping sites, an indoor pool and a bowling alley.



Sierakow is a town and seat of the commune in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Miedzychod County. It lies by the Warta, on the edge of Notec Forest and at the border of Gorzow Basin and Poznan Lakeland, in between two lakes, Jaroszewskie and Lutomskie.
Sierakow has the population of approximately 6.100.
There are four voivodeship roads running through the town: no. 133 (to Chrzypsk Wielki), no. 150 (to Wronki), no. 182 (from Miedzychod to Wronki) and no. 198 (to Radgoszcz in Miedzychod Commune).



The first records about Sierakow are from 1251. Before 1388 it was given town rights by King Casimir the Great. The town was the property of the Naleczs, or actually a branch of this family, who acquired the name Sierakowski. In 1450 the town’s owner was Poznan governor Lukasz I Gorka. His son Uriel built a hospital and a church of Holy Spirit here. After the Gorkas, the proprietor of Sierakow became Piotr Opalinski. The period of his reigns was the best in the history of the town. It was then that a church of the Franciscan Brothers Minor, a printing house and a theatre came into existence.
As a result of the Second Partition of Poland, Sierakow was annexed to Prussia and in 1817 there was a fire here, which almost completely destroyed the town.
During the Greater Poland Uprising, in 1918, Prussian administration was removed from Sierakow. Two years later the town, together with a large part of the historical Greater Poland, was rejoined to Poland.

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