Sulmierzyce is a town in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, located 23 km from Ostrow Wielkopolski and 47 km from Kalisz. It is a perfect starting point to these cities and an ideal place for a stopover for tourists heading towards Germany.


Sulmierzyce TOURISM

Since Sulmierzyce is a small town, it cannot boast of many monuments. However, there are a few worthy of interest sites here, including a unique town hall from 1743 (at present Sebastian Fabian Klonowic’s Museum of Sulmierzyce Land), a church of the Assumption from 1879 and a wooden windmill from the 19th century.
Sulmierzyce is also a great starting point to rich with monuments and attractions Poznan, Ostrow Wielkopolski (23 km) and Kalisz (47 km).



Sulmierzyce is a town in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Krotoszyn County, lying on Kalisz Plateau, by the Czarna Woda. It lies at the altitude of 116–139,8 metres above sea level, 42 km south-west from Kalisz. It has the population of approximately 2.800.
There are the voivodeship road no. 444 (Krotoszyn – Sulmierzyce – Ostrzeszow) and the county road from Milcz to Ostrow Wielkopolski running through Sulmierzyce.



The first records about Sulmierzyce are from 1297, but the settlement probably existed earlier. It received town charter in 1457. Thanks to its location at the border of the Greater Poland and Silesia, which was at the same time the boarder of the Kingdom of Poland, and by the trading route from Silesia to Kalisz, boosted the town’s development. By the mid-18th century Sulmierzyce was the best developed town in the region.
As a result of the Second Partition of Poland, Sulmierzyce was annexed to Prussia. In 1848 its inhabitants took part in the Spring of Nations and 14 years later there was a national demonstration, in which 7.000 people participated. In 1895 the town gained a railway connection with Milicz (20 km away from Sulmierzyce).
By virtue of the Treaty of Versailles (1920) Sulmierzyce was rejoined to Poland. After the war Sulmierzyce lost its significance. On 1 January 1973 it lost the town rights, which however after 11 months regained. In 1988 the town was given the Order of Polonia Restituta for its input in economic and cultural development of Poland.

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