Swarzedz is a town in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, located approximately 10 km from Poznan. Close proximity to the main city of the region makes it very easy to visit Poznan and discover its heritage. It is famous for manufacturing furniture, which is well-known both in Poland and abroad. Moreover, the town may boast of many interesting monuments; therefore, it is of attraction to history lovers.


Swarzedz TOURISM

Swarzedz may boast of many monuments. While you are here, you should visit St. Martin Church from 1638, the town hall from the 19th century, the manor from the late 19th century built for the Hoffmeyer family (currently it serves as a kindergarten), the Chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians from 1936 and the open-air bee museum, which is the largest such object in Europe.
Swarzedz is also a paradise for active visitors. There are multiple bike and foot trails running through the commune. The best-known are: Cistercians’ Bike Trail, Wooden Churches Trail around Zielonka Forest as well as the R-1 trail. The first one begins in Poznan and runs along Swarzedz Lake, through Wierzenica, Owinska, Kaminsko, Zielonka, Dabrowka Koscielna, Rejowiec, Antoniewo, Skoki, Lechin, Wiatrowo, Wagrowiec, Tarnowo Paluckie, Lekno, Bracholin, Miescisko, Budziejewko and ends in Dabrowka Koscielna. The trail’s length is 143 km. The Wooden Churches Trail around Zielonka Forest, on the other hand, is approximately 90 km long and covers as many as nine churches. It can be travelled through by bike or car. And the R-1 bike trail goes from Owinska through Mielno, Wierzonka, Wierzenica to Kobylnica and is 15,5 km long.



Swarzedz is a town in the Greater Poland Voivodeship, in Poznan County and Swarzedz Commune. It is located by Swarzedz Lake, approximately 10 km from Poznan. Swarzedz is the fourth town in Poland in terms of population density (following Swietochlowice and two towns near Warsaw: Piastow and Legionowo).
Poznan agglomeration together with Swarzedz Commune is one of the most dynamically developing areas in Poland. Poznan constitutes a main labour market for Swarzedz citizens and is a place where they fulfil their educational and cultural aims.



The area of today’s Swarzedz was probably inhabited already 8-3,5 thousand years BC, while the first written records about the town (then known as Swarancz or Swanrancz) come from 1366. Then-owners of the village were the Gorka family of Lodzia coat of arms. In 1592 the village came into possession of Nicklaus from Srebrna Gora near Naklo and later of the Czarnkowski family of Nalecz coat of arms.
In 1610 Zygmunt Grudzinski of Grzymala coat of arms, the governor of Inowroclaw and Kalisz became the owner of Swarzedz. On 28 August 1638 in Kornik-based castle the incorporation charter was issued. It named the town Grzymałow. Later, the name was changed to Swarzedz.

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