Szaflary is a small village, situated approximately 20 km from Zakopane. It is a quiet and tranquil place, especially appreciated by mountain hiking and relaxation in a harmony with nature enthusiasts. An unquestionable attraction of Szaflary is thermal hot pools.


Szaflary TOURISM

A main attraction of Szaflary is thermal hot pools. The village offers four pools with hot thermal water: the indoor pool with a three-line waterslide, the indoor multi-functional pool with hydro massage system and two outdoor pools with hydro massage systems. Water temperature in the pools is maintained within the range of 30°C – 38°C. Additionally, there is an outdoor paddling pool for children with BUBU fountain and a climbing net as well as a steambath and a jacuzzi in the main swimming hall.
The thermal water is mineralized and has curing properties. It soothes the ailments of: muscular and osteoarticular systems, neurosis and skin diseases among others. The variety of swimming pool attractions enables pleasant and active form of spending free time for people in every age.

As far as the monuments are concerned, worth seeing is the castle, called the cat castle. It was erected on a calcareous hill in the lower part of the village, at the times when the village was administered by Cistercians from Ludzmierz. As time went by, the castle began to fall into decay and only in 1990s, when it was bought by a private investor, it was renovated.



Szaflary is a village In the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, in Nowy Targ County. It is located at the border of Nowy Targ Basin and Bukowina Foothills.



Szaflary is one of the oldest villages in the Podhale region. The first records about this place are from the 13th century. At first Szaflary was administered by Cistercians from Ludzmierz. During the reigns of Louis the Great (the half of the 14th century) Szaflary became a territory dependent from a king and was rented by the Ratuld and the Komorowski families among others.

The local legend says that during the Deluge, near Szaflary there was a battle between the local people and Swedes. Apart from the defense of the country, gorals also defended a beautiful daughter of a commune leader from neighbouring Maruszyna. The conflict ended up with the killing of one of the Swedes. To commemorate this event, a hill nearby was called Raniszberg (it was the name of the killed soldier).

During the Second World War, there was a resistance movement operating in Szaflary. After the war the Polsport company (ski production company) was established here. The firm was associated with Szaflary for a very long time

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