Trzebnica is a town in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, located 24 km from Wroclaw. Despite its close proximity to the capital of the voivodeship, Trzebnica attracts lots of tourists. Moreover, the beauty of this town is heightened by its numerous monuments.


Trzebnica TOURISM

The town’s name was probably derived from an Old Slavic verb “terbiti”, which means “to grub” (Polish: trzebić). Originally, it was a settlement established on a terrain of a grubbed forest. According to the other version, the name “Trzebnica” was derived from the word “trzeba,” i.e. the Old Slavic word for “an immolation.”
According to the register of the National Heritage Institute, the list of monuments in Trzebnica covers: the Cistercian monastery complex, the church of St. Peter and Paul from the 13th century, the former hotel “Zdrój Jadwigi” from 1888, the pension “Zamek przy Lesie Bukowym” complex from 1890 as well as a small palace in Ks. Bochenka 8 Street from the turn of the 19th century.



Trzebnica is a town and seat of the county in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, populated by approximately 12,700 people.
There are two country roads (no. 5 and 15) and one voivodeship road (no. 340) running through Trzebnica. Goledzinow airstrip is situated about 13 km south-west from the town.



In 1202 Duke Henry I the Bearded of Silesia founded a Cistercian convent, the first in Poland. A year later the monastery was settled with nuns descending from Bamberg in Franconia. In 1250 Trzebnica received town privileges.
In 1348 the town together with the whole Silesia was annexed to the Kingdom of Bohemia and in 1742 was joined to the Kingdom of Prussia.
In the 19th century the town developed. It became a centre of cloth manufacturing; a bank and a printing house were built. In 1886 Trzebnica-Wroclaw railway connection was established and a year later the town’s electrification began. In 1910 a gas company began its operation in Trzebnica.
On 25 January 1945 the Red Army entered Trzebnica. The town was heavily damaged during the Second World War – approximately 75% of the town was devastated.

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