Uniejow is a small town in Lodz Voivodeship, in Poddebice County, populated by approximately 3 000 people. This beautiful town is a popular Polish spa. You may rest and relax in the geothermal water, i.e. Thermal Complex Uniejow, here. Hot (68oC), slightly mineralized water cures circulatory system diseases and spine disorders.



Uniejow is a well-known Polish spa. The Thermal Complex Uniejow is a perfect destination for people suffering from circulatory system diseases and spine disorders. It is composed of a complex of pools with the healing brine (salty water), bars, restaurants and the Knights’ Castellum. In May 2012 the building was upsized and now guests are able to use also the spa and beauty centre. The pools are open all year, irrespective of the weather conditions, and their area totals 1,500 m2.

A very interesting place within the Thermal Complex Uniejow is the Knights’ Castellum with the replicas of medieval furniture. Every year the Castellum organises the Great Knights’ Tournament and the Medieval Fair. Tourists then have an opportunity to witness knights’ battles and may admire outfits from the Middle Ages.

Apart from the thermal water complex, Uniejow has also different, yet equally interesting attractions to offer and places to sightsee. These are, for instance, St. Mary Collegiate Church built in between 1349 and 1365, the Miller’s Yard (Polish: Zagroda Młynarska) museum-hotel complex, the 25-metres-tall church tower from the early 20th century and the castle. Other worthy a visit attractions of Lodz Land are: the Przykona and Jeziorsko water reservoirs, the manor in Bronow in which Maria Konopnicka, a prominent Polish writer, lived and worked, the Royal Castle in Leczyca, as well as neighbouring village Spycimierz, which is famous for flower carpets laid during the Feast of Corpus Christi.



Uniejow is a town in Lodz Voivodeship, in Poddebice County, located 60 km from Lodz, which makes the city a good location for Lodz tours. It is populated by approximately 3,000 people, but in the summer season this number is much greater. The local thermal complex attracts thousands of tourists wishing to rest and relax in a healing, hot water.



The first records about Uniejow are from 1136. In 1285 it was given the town rights. The history of Uniejow is strictly connected with the local castle. At present it is one of the most valuable monuments of Lodz Voivodeship, but it used to be the seat of the archbishops of Gniezno. It was erected in the 1360s as a three storey building. With time, it was many times rebuilt and reshaped. It performed multiple functions; it was the place where the treasure of the church of Gniezno was stored and served as a prison for the Hussites in the 1420s. In 1525 the castle was burned down and lost its significance.

One of the starosts of Gniezno archbishops, Stanislaw from Gomolin, got involved in the building’s restoration. A relic of his activity is a board with Jelita coat of arms, which can still be seen at the castle’s courtyard. A difficult for the castle period was also the 17th century and the Swedish Deluge in 1656. The building was completely devastated then; another destructions were made by the fire in 1736.

Until the 1830s the castle was not used. In 1836, however, it came into possession of General Aleksander Toll, who renovated the building and transformed it into a summer house. In 1848 the general established also a 37-hectare landscape park here. The castle remained in the hands of the Toll family until the outbreak of the First World War.

In the interwar period the castle served as a guest house and after 1945 as a storage of chemical fertilizers and crops. In between 1957 and 1967 the castle was renovated. Apart from its unquestionable historical values, the castle is Uniejow inhabitants’ favourite place to walk. Due to its location in a picturesque park by the river, it attracts many tourists wishing to rest in the open air.

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