Resorts by the Baltic Sea are very popular with Poles and foreigners alike. Every year thousands of tourists are drawn here by the healing iodine found in the seaside towns. Wladyslawowo is not only famous for its healthful microclimate but also for a great number of monuments. The fishing port, Rozewie lighthouse and Hallerowka are just a few of the charming places to see in Wladyslawowo.


Wladyslawowo TOURISM

Wladyslawowo is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Poland. No one gets bored here since the town provides many distractions both for those who spend time actively and for more sedentary tourists. However, everyone will appreciate the beautiful long beach in Wladyslawowo. During the summer season the beach serves as the base for Radio Władek, a local radio broadcasting station.
Sport fans will definitely appreciate the Wladyslawowo Cetniewo-based Olympic Preparation Centre. You will find there numerous out- and indoor tennis courts, football and volleyball grounds, a swimming pool as well as sport equipment renting point. Sport lovers can have a go at windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing. Professional instructors are at hand for adults and children. If you need more, there is horse riding. Another attraction in this district is the Sport Stars Avenue, opened in 2000, where you will see the brass stars honouring the most prominent Polish coaches and sportsmen. This avenue is one of a kind; you will not find anything similar elsewhere in Poland.

Wladyslawowo also boasts a great number of monuments. The most recommended are: the port – a base for boats and yachts since 1938; the Church of Assumption – a temple claimed to be an “architectural pearl” from the 60s; Rozewie’s lighthouse whose beacon is visible from a distance of 23 miles; Fisherman’s House Tower – a place from where you can view the town’s panorama, the Baltic Sea and the Hel Peninsula; Hallerowka – the villa where General Haller used to live; and Słone Łąki (Salty Meadows) – a nature reserve that protects rare species of fauna and flora.

Wladyslawowo is definitely a place worth visiting in summer. Its attractions are so diversified that everybody will find something for themselves.



Wladyslawowo is quite small with a total area of 38 km2 and a population of 14,782. However, the visitor number increases greatly during the summer season. Due to its humid climate and iodine-rich seawater, Wladyslawowo attracts thousands of tourists every year.
The town is located at the base of the Hel Peninsula and boasts 23 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches. Nature lovers will not only appreciate the diversified coastline but also the rare species of plants and animals found here as the town lies within the Seaside Landscape Park.
The resort is situated very close to other seaside towns like: Chlapowo, Chalupy, Jastrzebia Gora, and Karwia. The popular Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) is only 30 km from Wladyslawowo, and easily accessible by car, train, bus and even by hydrofoil via Hel or Jastarnia.



The first records of the town are from the 12th and 14th centuries. However, it was in the 20th century when Wladyslawowo officially came into existence. The history of Wladyslawowo is strongly connected with the fisherman’s town of Wielka Wies and the surrounding villages of Cetniewo and Poczernino. In 1920 General Józef Haller visited Wielka Wies and took his first cruise on the Baltic Sea. It was a crucial excursion since Haller oversaw “Poland’s wedding to the Sea” in a ceremony that restored Poland’s access to the Baltic Sea. One of Haller’s officers, Henryk Bagiński, purchased a large plot of land in this region, which he called Hallerowo. In 1938 a new fishing port was built here and named as Wladyslawowo, after King Władysław IV Vasa. In 1952 Wielka Wies, Hallerowo and the surrounding villages were united under the name of Wladyslawowo. It went on to obtain the town rights in 1963 and 10 years later, its own coat of arms. Today, Wladyslawowo is known as a famous Polish resort by the Baltic Sea and is frequented by thousands of tourists every year.

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