Although Wozniki is not a typical resort, it is often visited due to its close proximity to Katowice and Czestochowa. However, Wozniki itself has a lot to offer to tourists. Many monuments, large forest areas and still growing number of bars and restaurants make Wozniki an attractive place to rest and relax in.



Large forest areas and a close proximity to large urban agglomerations make Wozniki an attractive place to rest in. We find here many bars, cafes and restaurants and their number is constantly growing.
The town is also a perfect place for active visitors. There are as many as four tourist trails in Wozniki: two foot trails (blue and green) and two bike ones.
Wozniki may also boast of a great number of monuments. The most interesting are its listed urban arrangement, St. Catherine church from 1346, St. Valentine church from the 14th century, St. Florian chapel from 1772 and the town hall built in between 1858 and 1862.



Wozniki is a town in Silesian Voivodeship, in Lubliniec county, situated on Wielun-Wozniki Highland. The highest mountain here is Coglowa Gora (365 m above the sea level). The town lies 50 km from Katowice, 25 km from Częstochowa and 30 km from Lubliniec.



The first records about Wozniki are from 1206. However, it was only after Mongol invasion (1241) when it started to operate as an administrative centre. Mongolians then blew off the gord on Grojec mountain and destroyed neighbouring settlements, making those who survived move to Wozniki.
In 1270 Wozniki obtained market rights and in 1454 full town rights. Despite its peripheral location, the town was developing quite fast. After the Silesian Wars and its joining to Prussia, Wozniki lost the town rights, but regained them in 1858.
By the 18th century the industry had been developing in Wozniki; there were forges and fineries operating here. Unfortunately, in 1798 the town was almost completely burnt, which limited its development possibilities. Wozniki did not come within industrialisation and due to the fact it still remains parochial and attractive to tourists.

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