Zawoja is the biggest Polish village. Its unique microclimate, numerous ski centres and clear mountain air make the village a perfect destination for a holiday. Zawoja is attractive for both skiing lovers and hiking enthusiasts.



Boasting of many ski centres Zawoja is a paradise for winter sport fans. Undoubtedly, the best and the most famous local ski centre is Mosorny Gron. Polish and international ski championships are held there.
Zawoja may be also a good place for hiking enthusiasts. There are as many as twelve foot trails (four black, one red, three blue, two green and two yellow trails) running through the village.
While in Zawoja you ought to see its monuments. Especially worth visiting are: the church of St Clement from 1888, the Barefoot Carmelites’ Monastery and the wind farm.



Zawoja is the biggest village in Poland, located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Sucha Beskidzka County and Zawoja Commune. It is inhabited by approximately 9,000 people.
Zawoja lies in the foot of Babia Gora Mountain (1725 m above sea level), in the Skawica valley. The village is the seat of Babia Gora National Park.



The history of Zawoja is strictly connected with the history of the neighbouring village, Skawica. The first records about Skawica are from 1593. For a long time both villages were treated as one and referred to as Skawica. They were separated only in the 1830s.
In 1847, as a result of the great hunger, most of Zawoja inhabitants died of typhus and cholera.
On 2 April 1969 there was an An-24 SP-LTF plane crash on the north slope of Polica mountain. 53 people died; nobody survived.


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