This large village situated in the Pomerania province, some 70 km south of Gdansk, is mostly visited because of the two important roads that pass through the village, one of them being the Berlin-Kaliningrad road. Besides this, Zblewo lies on the edge of the attractive holiday region of Bory Tucholskie, in the vicinity of Lake Borzechowskie.



Zblewo is one of the biggest villages of Kociewie, the ethnographic region bordering Kashubia, known for its specific dialect and folk traditions. The abundance of woods around Zblewo and Lake Borzechowskie, located 5 km from the village, gives the opportunity to go hiking, cycling or riding on horseback. One of the prettiest trails leads from Zblewo to Wirty, where you can enjoy the beautiful arboretum, established as long ago as the 19th century.

Another attraction in the vicinity of Zblewo is the “Diabelski Kamien” (devil’s stone), a glacial remnant that you can find in Pinczewo. If you are interested in palaces, there are two good ones in Miradowo and Radziejowo, and while in Miradowo there are also remnants of prehistoric settlements to visit, the “Grodzisko Radzona”.



Zblewo is situated in the Pomeranian Voivodship, in the southern part of the province. It lies on the border of Bory Tucholskie, a widespread forested area dotted with lakes that forms a popular holiday destination. The landscape is rather flat, and apart from Borzechowskie Lake, there are also two other large lakes to be seen: Niedackie and Szteklin.



Firstly recorded in 1305, Zblewo emerged as a tar producing and wood-processing centre, and then in the 14th century it passed into the hands of the Teutonic Knights.

The village has been developing consistently since the late 19th century, when a railway was built between Tczew and Chojnice, part of the Berlin to Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad) line. At the same time a red-brick neo-Gothic church was constructed, which is now the most characteristic building of Zblewo, and is depicted in the village’s coat of arms.

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