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Its location on international transit routes between the European Union and Eastern Europe makes this town attractive for different types of investment. This is why hotels in Biala Podlaska focus particularly on business travellers. Most Biala Podlaska hotels target Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian guests, who visit Biala Podlaska for trading purposes. In the summer season hotels in Biala Podlaska welcome those tourists visiting Eastern Poland (Poleski National Park, Podlaski Bug Gorge Landscape Park, and other nature parks).

Hotels Biala Podlaska

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Biała Podlaska


Starting from:35 EUR
Biała Podlaska


Starting from:48 EUR
Biała Podlaska


Starting from:30 EUR
Biała Podlaska

Dworek Helena

Starting from:27 EUR
Biała Podlaska


Starting from:37 EUR
Biała Podlaska


Starting from:26 EUR


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