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The town centre is the best location for hotels in Busko-Zdroj. The neighbourhood is a quiet, green district where most of the Busko-Zdroj sanatoria and a spring park are situated. The railway and coach stations will also be close to your hotel.

    Near Centre

    Within the vicinity of Busko-Zdroj, you will find the picturesque area of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains and some nice hotels. It is a convenient location for hotels in Busko-Zdroj, both for people who want to take care of their health and relax in this famous spa resort, and for active holiday-lovers who like spending their time fishing, horse-back riding and hiking in forests.

      Busko Zdroj hotel market

      Busko Zdroj is a popular health resort, and as a consequence most of the hotels in Busko Zdroj are oriented towards people who care about their health and fitness. These Busko Zdroj hotels are located in a peaceful neighbourhood, and have the advantage of the therapeutic waters and healing features of the local microclimate in Busko Zdroj. A peaceful and quiet environment is a great asset for this town. Hotels in Busko Zdroj are well equipped with many spa facilities.

      Hotels Busko Zdroj

      Check our best accommodation offers in Busko Zdroj

      Busko Zdrój

      Słoneczny Zdrój Medical Spa&Wellness

      Starting from:72 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Bristol **** ART & SPA

      Starting from:82 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Gromada Busko Zdroj

      Starting from:26 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Pod Swierkiem

      Starting from:22 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Winnica Zbrodzice

      Starting from:39 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Pensjonat Sanato

      Starting from:35 EUR
      Busko Zdrój

      Bristol Aparthotel

      Starting from:62 EUR


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