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Chorzow is situated within the very centre of the Upper Silesian agglomeration, east of Katowice. It is especially advisable to stay in Chorzow if you wish to visit the fairs in Katowice.

Near City Centre

Hotels in this area of Chorzow can be quite convenient. Whether you are coming on business or there is another purpose for your stay, we recommend the enormous city park with its Zoo Garden, FunFair City, Planetarium, astronomical observatory, and open-air Folk Museum. Transportation into the centre of Chorzow should not be a problem.

  • South

Chorzow hotel market

Chorzow is part of the Katowice conurbation, the large industrial and commercial centre of Silesia. The city itself is dynamically developing in trade and service industries, but the development of the Chorzow hotel base lacks something in comparison with the other trades. An advantage is that you can get from Chorzow to the centre of Katowice city on foot, and the Upper Silesia region is very mysterious. Chorzow hotels are thus a good alternative to hotels in Katowice or Zabrze.

Hotels Chorzow

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Focus Katowice Chorzów

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Diament Arsenal Palace

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Diament Bella Notte

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Starting from:63 EUR


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