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Near City Centre

You might find a good hotel in Cieszyn near the centre of this important communication junction. Hotels near the city centre let you appreciate the charming old town area, even if you are only staying there on your way to Poland or the Czech Republic. Although there are not so many hotels in Cieszyn, it is usually possible to find good accommodation without any problems.

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Cieszyn hotel market

There are several reasons for visiting Cieszyn, and Cieszyn hotels: its vital location on the border between Czech Republic and Poland, a challenging film festival held in May, the lovely Old Town with lot of interesting monuments and much more. Hotels in Cieszyn strive to cover all needs of their guests; most of them offer accommodation close to the border crossing and have comfortably large parking lots. Modern facilities guarantee good relaxation in every hotel in Cieszyn.

Hotels Cieszyn

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Starting from:48 EUR

Mercure Cieszyn

Starting from:70 EUR

Cieszyński Hotel & Restaurant

Starting from:29 EUR


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