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The downtown area is undoubtedly the best location for hotels in Czestochowa. Staying in the city centre, you can be sure that your hotel will be close to the main attraction, the Jasna Gora Monastery. Besides, hotels in this area of Czestochowa are situated within the city’s commercial centre.

  • Our Lady’s Avenue

Outside City Centre

On the outskirts of Czestochowa, you might find some comfortable hotels which offer cheaper accommodation. Hotels in this area of Czestochowa are worth special attention, as the city centre is easily accessible and the hotel will be closer to the main intercity roads which lead to Silesia, Krakow, Warsaw and Lodz. To the southeast, there is a scenic area including the Jurassic castles and limestone rocks, which make a great destination for families with children.

  • South

Near City Centre

Hotels in this area of Czestochowa are not in the very heart of the city, but these locations can be quite attractive, keeping in mind that getting to the main attractions will take some time. However, transportation from your hotel to the centre of Czestochowa will be quite easy, and sometimes it is even possible to get there on foot.

  • North

Czestochowa hotel market

Do you want to book a hotel in Czestochowa? Without a shadow of a doubt, the most important part of the Silesian city is the Pauline Monastery Jasna Gora. The monastery attracts crowds of pilgrims and tourists – arguably being 4th in the world after Rome, Lourdes and Fatima. Although most of the visitors come just for one day, the city is very popular.
However, often due to a shortage of available Czestochowa hotels, it is advisable that you book your Czestochowa hotel in advance. Hotels in Czestochowa tend to be full especially during the summer (the 15th of August) and on all ecumenical feasts, especially those dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
The city itself belongs among the ten biggest Polish cities and has some business potential. Business travellers form thus another important group of guests in Czestochowa hotels.

Hotels Czestochowa

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