Elblag hotels

City Centre

All of the hotels in the centre of Elblag are situated within short walking distance from the charming Old Town area. Hotels in this area of Elblag are also very convenient if you are coming on business. Every hotel in the town centre is located close to the railway and coach stations.

  • Historical Centre

Outside City Centre

A wide range of accommodation outside town should be considered when seeking a hotel in Elblag. They are a bit more distant from the downtown area, but Elblag is not very large, so transportation from your hotel to the town centre should not be a problem.

    Outside Elblag

    Some of Elblag’s hotels are situated outside of the town’s borders, meaning that a car will be necessary to get to the centre. They are a good option for tourists, who can enjoy the lovely neighbourhood, as well as for business travellers seeking a calm location for their hotel in Elblag.

    • North

    Elblag hotel market

    Elblag and its neighbourhood is a wonderful place to rest. There are several lakes and the Vistula Lagoon nearby, making Elblag hotels good places to stay for vacation seekers. The number of hotels in Elblag is adequate, sufficient to provide everyone with convenient accommodation to suit their needs. Some of the hotels in Elblag are located in the marvellous green surroundings of Elblag. Apart from tourist venues, many people choose to visit due to the growing business sector in Elblag. Hotels are not the only option; the Elblag hotel market offers other types of accommodation, including camping, guesthouses, private rooms and more.

    Hotels Elblag

    Check our best accommodation offers in Elblag


    Focus Hotel Premium Elbląg

    Starting from:67 EUR

    Młyn Aqua Spa ***

    Starting from:59 EUR

    Atrium Elblag

    Starting from:65 EUR

    Młyn Aqua Spa Biblioteka ****

    Starting from:65 EUR

    Hotel Pod Lwem

    Starting from:60 EUR


    Starting from:37 EUR

    Nowa Holandia

    Starting from:76 EUR


    Starting from:58 EUR

    Willa Piękny Widok

    Starting from:51 EUR


    Starting from:72 EUR

    Pensjonat MF

    Starting from:45 EUR

    Noclegi Gemini Dom

    Starting from:18 EUR


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