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Sosnicowice is a small town situated 11 km from Gliwice and 35 km from Katowice. It is a good location for everyone who appreciates rest and relaxation far from the hustle and bustle of a big city. A convenient access to other Upper Silesian cities is provided by the A4 motorway.

City Centre

The number of hotels in Gliwice is rather limited. However, the best of them may be found in the centre of Gliwice. Hotels in Gliwice, situated in this area, are very convenient, as they lie in the very heart of the city.

  • Downtown
    Gliwice’s downtown area is around Zwyciestwa Street, between the railway station and the Old Town area. Some of the most prestigious locations for hotels in Gliwice can be found here.
  • Old Town
    This is the perfect location for hotels in Gliwice. All of the hotels here are situated within close proximity to the main institutions, shopping areas, major monuments and the railway station. If you are seeking a good hotel in Gliwice, these should be worth your special attention.

Outside City Centre

Staying in a hotel outside of the centre of Gliwice guarantees you a good rest. In addition to that, some of these hotels are close to the major intercity and international routes, including the A4 Motorway that leads to Opole, Wroclaw and Krakow. Thus, hotels in this area of Gliwice can be very convenient, especially if sightseeing is not the main goal of your visit. If you stay in a hotel in eastern Gliwice, you will be close to Zabrze and other towns in the Upper Silesian agglomeration.

  • North

Gliwice hotel market

Most Poles associate Gliwice with industry, an assumption that is correct. What few people know is that Gliwice has a lovely old town or that it is a modern city striving to achieve the top position in Silesia. The development of Gliwice hotels follow the rapid growth of the city, however it still has some way to go. Some good hotels in Gliwice are situated in the historical centre, giving you the opportunity to appreciate its monuments, even if you come on business.

Hotels Gliwice

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