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Outside Centre

Areas outside of Golub-Dobrzyn are very picturesque. Hotels in Golub-Dobrzyn are recommendable to every visitor arriving to Golub-Dobrzyn.

    Golub-Dobrzyn hotel market

    Golub-Dobrzyn is a small town which is undoubtedly worth attention. Golub-Dobrzyn can be visited for its convenient location on the way to Torun. But first of all, Golub-Dobrzyn is known for its mediaeval castle of Teutonic Knights. Although the number of hotels in Golub-Dobrzyn is limited, it seems adequate for the number of visitors, so finding comfortable, economical accommodation in Golub-Dobrzyn should be problem-free.

    Hotels Golub-Dobrzyn

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    Zamek Golubski

    Starting from:32 EUR


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