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If you are looking for hotels in Hajnowka with ideal locations, we recommend the centre of town. Hotels in this area of Hajnowka offer convenient accommodation close to all of the important places in town.

    Hajnowka hotel market

    Hajnowka is a fascinating, behind-the-times town, situated in a region where the Orthodox Christian culture has left numerous traces. The town takes pride in its festival of Orthodox religious songs. Hotels in Hajnowka are sought by those who want to explore the monuments of Hajnowka or the nearby Bialowieza primeval forest. Hotels in Hajnowka or Bialowieza may be also a good option while looking for good accommodation to organise corporate events. Hajnowka hotels also come handy if Bialowieza hotels are fully booked.

    Hotels Hajnowka

    Check our best accommodation offers in Hajnowka


    Enklawa Białowieska

    Starting from:55 EUR

    Leśny Dworek

    Starting from:64 EUR


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