Cool hotels in Poland

You may call them “unique”, “exceptional” or “boutique” – we just call them “cool”. We have selected the most original, luxurious and well-designed hotels in Poland.


These excellent hotels have a specific classy character, either historical or contemporary: sometimes it is a marble bathroom or a rooftop bar, sometimes a plush cigar room or a spectacular view from your window… Compare our offer of cool hotels in Poland and find the best accommodation option for you. There are many fascinating cities in Poland, and if you wish to flavour your stay in Poland, try one of our cool hotels. Enjoy royal Krakow, magnificent Gdansk, historic Wroclaw or busy Warsaw, taking advantage of posh accommodation with sophisticated interiors. Some of these unique hotels are situated in some of the smaller town in Poland. With all amenities you expect and a meticulous design, your stay in one of the cool hotels in Poland will be both comfortable and unforgettable.


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