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Podewils Castle Hotel

76-010 , Krąg 16

Since the old times the 15th cent. Castle has been famous for its splendid balls in its richly-decorated halls and its special hospitality was known ages ago - all that thanks to the Knight Family Line of Podewils! They received the Castle from Prince Bogusław X for their contribution in the battle near Sianów in 1475. Everybody admires the huge estate in which "... the number of windows is relevant to the number of days in a year, the number of rooms - to the number of weeks, the number of entrances - to the number of months and the four towers respond to the four seasons...".

Facilities in hotel
  • Wireless Internet
  • Car Park

Hotel's description


"The luxurious Podewils Castle Hotel was opened in 1996. Its guests can have breakfast and rest in the castle rooms which are equipped with such "diabolic devices" as TV set, radio, Internet, mini-bar, telephone, shower, but though the rooms are now very comfortable chamber suites, the castle legend is still there: on a moonlight night in the dark maze of the corridors you can hear the sounds of a minstrel's harp and courtiers loud laughter.
The Hotel can accommodate up to 120 guests in 12 chamber suites and 48 double rooms.


Fitness Center, sauna, massage salon, mountain bikes, rowing boats, outdoor parking.


"You are welcome to the castle table. Come and enjoy the healthy and delicious food, full of the aromatic flavor of herbs and spices. We also invite you to the traditional Knight Feast in the XV century castle cellar where the food is as plenteous as on the king's table: juicy pork, cheese and meat plates, poultry and fish - all this to meet the highest requirements of our guests! You can also join our outdoor party at the lakeside and enjoy the fire and music when helping yourself to a wild pig barbecue, baked potatoes and spicy chilli con carne until the morning light. "


Podewils Castle Hotel is the perfect place to hold conferences, meetings, symposiums and training courses. There are 5 conference halls with perfect acoustics and ideal working conditions for 400 people. There are some mini conference halls which can be used for small meetings for 6 - 12 people in the castle towers or big suites.

Additional information

In special cases the entrance gate to the park next to the Castle in Krąg can be after 21:00 closed. Please consider this fact when planning your arrival in Podzamcze after this time and inform the hotel: tel. + 48 94 34 70 516 or +48 606 986 139 or mail:


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