Zamek Łeba

84-360 Łeba, Sosnowa 1

In 1903, almost at the beach, the construction of this architecturally interesting building has started, and on 24 September 1907 it was put into use ...
The proximity of the sea means that the building is particularly charming, but is also an element of danger by contact with the water element.
Neptun in Leba is one of the few objects in Poland, which is located on the shores of the sea.

Facilities in hotel
  • Unguarded parking
  • Wireless Internet

Hotel's description


The castle has 32 ​​rooms - fully equipped, with a balcony, where the vast majority have a sea view.
In July and August, the price includes breakfast, dinner, parking lot, deckchairs, billiards, sauna, children's playground and swimming pool.


The castle has a charming, intimate cafe with soft, upholstered chairs and sofas with English, wooden bar. It has large windows overlooking the sea and a terrace on a slope, where it is nice to have an afternoon tea.
In the old cellars there is a nightclub. It has an intimate and cozy decor. It serves as a place for guests nightlife, and a place for special parties for groups.


We prefer the traditional cuisine, based on the Polish available resources. We pay special attention to the quality of products used in the kitchen - to be fresh and best quality.
We have recently returned to traditional ways of preparing dishes. This applies mainly to baking and frying. Thus we have obtained a better taste of food, close to good home cuisine.
During the summer season: July - August the price includes breakfast and dinner.


Conference room equipment:
multimedia projector
slide projector
125 x 145 screen
The conference room is for 40-45 people.

Additional information

From October till the end of March the reception is open from 8.00 AM to 7.00PM. In case of arrival after 7.00PM the key to the room will be given by security.


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