Jelenia Góra hotels


Our website will help you find the best hotels in Jelenia Gora. The city centre is the number-one location in Jelenia Gora. Most hotels are situated within the vicinity of the railway station and the beautiful Old Town area of Jelenia Gora.

  • Old Town
    Some hotels in Jelenia Gora are located in the Old Town area, which is situated in the city centre. The convenient location of these hotels makes them popular among many visitors to Jelenia Gora.

Near City Centre

Jelenia Gora is not a huge city, so even if you choose to stay in a hotel outside the very centre, it is guaranteed that the distance between your hotel and the centre of Jelenia Gora will not be very long. Some districts near Jelenia Gora’s downtown area also boast some attractive hotel offers.

    Outside City Centre

    Some of the most attractive hotels in Jelenia Gora can be found outside of the city centre. Such hotels might be a good choice, especially if you would appreciate silence and some distance from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    • South

    Outside Jelenia Gora

    Jelenia Góra hotel market

    Jelenia Gora is a 900 year-old town located in the southwest of Poland, close to the borders with the Czech Republic and Germany, at the foot of picturesque Karkonosze Mountains. The hotel market in Jelenia Gora is based on three-star hotels of very good standard. The town is divided into three parts – Old Town, outside city centre (on the way to Karpacz) and well-known Cieplice health resort. Apart from the accommodation, almost every hotel in Jelenia Gora offers a lot of additional attractions like mountain hiking or medical treatment in thermal waters. This city is mostly visited by German tourists.

    Hotels Jelenia Góra

    Check our best accommodation offers in Jelenia Góra

    Jelenia Góra


    Starting from:55 EUR
    Jelenia Góra


    Starting from:33 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    *** Bella Hotel

    Starting from:65 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Pałac Paulinum

    Starting from:37 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Pałac Łomnica

    Starting from:13 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Villa Nova

    Starting from:72 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Hotel Staniszow Palace

    Starting from:106 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Mercure Jelenia Gora

    Starting from:74 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Pałac na Wodzie

    Starting from:46 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Centrum Gostar

    Starting from:29 EUR
    Jelenia Góra

    Pałac Wojanów

    Starting from:90 EUR
    Jelenia Góra


    Starting from:60 EUR


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