Jewish heritage tours

Jewish roots in Poland trace back over a millennium. Poland served as a sanctuary for Jews escaping persecution elsewhere in Europe for centuries. Prior to World War 2, it is believed that about 3 million Jews called Poland home.

The heartbreaking war years of 1939-1945 led to the almost total annihilation of the Polish Jewish community at the hands of the German oppressors. Post-war, the persecution sadly continued. The policies of Poland’s communist government forced most surviving Jews to leave.

Today, the Jewish community numbers over ten thousand. Despite the immense loss and displacement, the legacy of over 1000 years of Jewish history in Poland lives on. Synagogues, cemeteries, schools, and other cultural markers offer poignant reminders of the Jewish presence.

We offer several tours starting from Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, and Lublin that take you to these historical sites linked with the Jewish community.

8 days

Jewish Heritage

8 Days
Departure from:
Price on request
Tour highlights:
  • Lovely Galician countryside
  • Mysterious shtetl towns
  • Fantastic personal guides

Jewish Galicia

2 Days
Departure from:
Price on request
Tour highlights:
  • magical and still undiscovered south-east Poland
  • shtetls, synagogues, cemeteries
  • Tarnow, Bobowa, Lesko, Lancut and even more

Jewish Culture Tour

4 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:79 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • magnificent synagogues
  • Schindler’s List locations
  • Plaszow concentration camp

Jewish Lodz

4 Hours
Departure from:
Price on request
Tour highlights:
  • the biggest Jewish cemetery in Europe
  • Chaim Rumkowski’s ghetto place
  • amazing 19th century buildings

Jewish Lublin Heritage

5 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:65 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • the oldest Jewish Cemetery in Poland
  • The famous Yeshiva Chachmei
  • Majdanek concentration camp

Jewish Heritage Tour

3 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:67 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • hidden traces of Jewish culture and history
  • places known for the Oscar-Winning The Pianist movie

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