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Many of the hotels in Karpacz are located in the town centre. However, during the peak tourist season, you might face a problem with finding ideal accommodation, so it is recommended to book a hotel well in advance. Hotels in this area make for a perfect location, as the ski lifts and the slopes of Karpacz will be near your hotel.

    Near Town Centre

    There are also some hotels near the centre of Karpacz. We encourage you to take these Karpacz hotels into consideration – they really are worth it. The neighbourhood is quiet and green, with the slopes of the Karkonosze Mountains which surround Karpacz making for a beautiful view from the windows of each hotel. Another attraction, Wang Chapel, is also nearby.

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    Karpacz hotel market

    StayPoland is the authority site of you search for Karpacz hotels. Karpacz ranks second in Poland as a winter holiday resort. Karpacz is a beautiful small city located in the Karkonosze Mountains, which are called Giant (Riesengebirge) Mountains and constitute a part of the Sudeten range. While Zakopane serves the eastern part of the country, Karpacz is the place to go if you want to visit the southwest. There are mountain spas, ski and snowboarding possibilities or great hiking opportunities from the spring to the autumn.
    Karpacz is a lively little town; the most Karpacz hotel rooms are booked out in the winter (New Year and January-February holidays) or during the summer holidays. There are literally hundreds of private rooms of various standards and a couple of good cost-effective Karpacz hotels. Let us help you find the best hotel in Karpacz.

    Hotels Karpacz

    Check our best accommodation offers in Karpacz



    Starting from:60 EUR

    Relaks Wellness & SPA

    Starting from:36 EUR


    Starting from:94 EUR

    Villa Karpacz

    Starting from:102 EUR

    Sadyba SPA

    Starting from:51 EUR

    Zamek Księża Góra

    Starting from:114 EUR

    Vivaldi Karpacz

    Starting from:116 EUR


    Starting from:102 EUR

    Zielony Domek

    Starting from:39 EUR

    Apartamenty Sun & Snow Myśliwska

    Starting from:81 EUR

    Apollo Residence

    Starting from:31 EUR

    Training&Conference Center Carmen

    Starting from:33 EUR


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