Ketrzyn hotels


If you are looking hotels in Ketrzyn with an ideal location, we recommend those in the centre of town. Hotels in this area of Ketrzyn offer convenient accommodation close to all of the important places in town.

    Near Centre

    As Ketrzyn is quite a small town, hotels near its centre are also quite close to all of the main spots in Ketrzyn, and to the main tourist attraction, represented by Hitler’s former bunker, the Wolf’s Lair.

    • North

    Ketrzyn hotel market

    If you are looking for Ketrzyn hotels, we have an interesting choice. They form an excellent starting point for further exploration of Masuria. There are several interesting monuments in Ketrzyn and in the local countryside. Hotels in Ketrzyn are of diverse standards and locations, giving you the opportunity to find your ideal option.

    Hotels Ketrzyn

    Check our best accommodation offers in Ketrzyn



    Starting from:37 EUR


    Starting from:76 EUR

    Martiany 21

    Starting from:74 EUR

    Księżycowy Dworek

    Starting from:46 EUR


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