Kolobrzeg hotels

City Centre

Apart from hotels, Kolobrzeg offers other types of accommodation, including guesthouses and private rooms or apartments. Some hotels, rooms and guesthouses are concentrated within the centre of Kolobrzeg, not far from the beach and close to the railway station and the Old Town area.

    Near City Centre

    You might prefer a hotel near the centre of Kolobrzeg, which is often in a quieter neighbourhood and situated closer to the sea. We have prepared an easy-to-use directory of hotels in Kolobrzeg, in order to help you find the best accommodation for yourself.

    • Harbour
    • Seaside
      This is an ideal location for hotels in Kolobrzeg, especially when you want to spend your holidays there. From the window in your hotel room or an apartment, you can admire a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. Some of the hotels in this area of Kolobrzeg offer health treatments.

    Kolobrzeg hotel market

    Kolobrzeg is predominantly a buzzing seaside resort and a port of local importance. It is very popular during the summer season from mid-June until the end of August, when you may have problems to find places, if you are coming just for a few days, but it is worth to see this town all year round, it has a nice old town, beautiful coast and superb conditions for a healthy stay. Accommodation in Kolobrzeg is offered predominantly in private rooms and guesthouses; besides StayPoland lists the best Kolobrzeg hotels for you. These hotels in Kolobrzeg should be worth your attention. If you are coming in the summer season, let us know well in advance so that we can help you make a good Kolobrzeg hotel booking.

    Hotels Kolobrzeg

    Check our best accommodation offers in Kolobrzeg


    New Skanpol

    Starting from:74 EUR

    Medica Spa Mona Lisa

    Starting from:76 EUR

    Diva Spa

    Starting from:123 EUR

    Shuum Boutique Wellness Hotel****

    Starting from:172 EUR


    Starting from:137 EUR


    Starting from:77 EUR

    Baltic Plaza Hotel**** mediSPA & fit

    Starting from:131 EUR

    Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe Bałtyk

    Starting from:86 EUR

    Blue&Green Kołobrzeg

    Starting from:109 EUR

    Hotel*** NAT Kołobrzeg

    Starting from:56 EUR

    Poznanianka - Ośrodek Sanatoryjno Wczasowy

    Starting from:104 EUR


    Starting from:81 EUR


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