Krynica-Zdrój hotels

Town Centre

Undoubtedly, this is the best location for hotels in Krynica. You can enjoy all of the facilities of modern hotels and at the same time, the lovely environs of your accommodation in Krynica. Staying in this area guarantees that your hotel will be close to the most important places in Krynica, so we recommend this location highly.

    Near Town Centre

    Krynica offers fantastic conditions for taking a holiday, as well as being a good option when seeking a good spa resort with modern facilities. The town is rather small, so even if you stay in a hotel near the centre of Krynica, your accommodation will be close to the main attractions. You will be able to enjoy the curative waters, have easy access to the Nikifor Painting Museum and do some skiing in the wintertime.

    • South

    Outside Town Centre

    These hotels are farther from the centre of Krynica, yet they allow for the possibility to explore the lovely neighbourhoods of the city, and enjoy a good rest in a quiet area. This might be a good location for your hotel in Krynica, especially for those of you who wish to take advantage of the healing features of the local climate. The Beskid Sadecki Mountains are one of the nicest and undervalued regions in Poland. Within the vicinity, there are several other wellness-oriented towns, such as Muszyna or Piwniczna, plus some beautiful wooded areas.

    • West

    Krynica-Zdrój hotel market

    Krynica is one of the most famous Polish health resorts, and is especially well known for the curative mineral waters. The spa is located in the Beskid Sadecki mountain range, 140 km south of Krakow. Krynica is surrounded by mountains and forests and boasts very clean air. The local hotel market in Krynica consists three star standard Krynica hotels, offering special spa packages (many of them are still not officially categorised, but the standard is being regularly upgraded). It is also quit easy to rent a cheap room in one of the many family-run guesthouses. Hotels in Krynica are situated in the town centre as well as near the Jaworzyna skiing area or in the town’s suburbs.
    Krynica is also a sport, economical and cultural centre. During the winter season many Krynica hotels offer special ski packages. Some hotels are also equipped with conference rooms. Every September is the International Economics Forum – and at this time it may be difficult to find an available hotel in Krynica. Near Krynica there are also two other popular spa resorts – Muszyna (10 km away) and Piwniczna (38 km away), where you may also discover good accommodation.

    Hotels Krynica-Zdrój

    Check our best accommodation offers in Krynica-Zdrój

    Krynica Zdrój

    Dr Irena Eris Hotel & SPA

    Starting from:250 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój


    Starting from:87 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Hotel Czarny Potok Resort SPA & Conference

    Starting from:186 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Hotel *** NAT Krynica Zdrój

    Starting from:42 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    OW Gromada

    Starting from:50 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Hotel Prezydent**** Medical SPA & Wellness

    Starting from:139 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Centrum Zdrowia, Urody i Rekreacji Geovita

    Starting from:40 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój


    Starting from:42 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    4 Pory Roku

    Starting from:58 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Lwigród SPA & Wellness

    Starting from:35 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Apartamenty Renesans

    Starting from:44 EUR
    Krynica Zdrój

    Pensjonat Gaborek

    Starting from:44 EUR


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