Kudowa-Zdrój hotels

Outside city centre – Karlow
Karlow is a small village in Stolowe (Table) Mountains, located approximately 11 km from Kudowa-Zdroj. It is a perfect location for hiking lovers and everyone who appreciates to rest in the open air.


If you are looking for hotels in Kudowa Zdroj with an ideal location, we recommend those in the centre of town. Hotels in this area of Kudowa Zdroj provide convenient accommodation close to all of the important places in town, and in addition to that you can appreciate the healing climate of Kudowa Zdroj.

    Kudowa-Zdrój hotel market

    Kudowa Zdroj, a famous spa resort situated in southern Poland, close to the Stolowe (Table) Mountains. It attracts visitors both with its therapeutic features and the opportunity for active leisure pursuits. There is a wide range of hotels in Kudowa; many of them have some spa facilities. A stay in a Kudowa Zdroj hotel is a great chance to take care of your health, and to relax while exploring the beautiful mountains, the amazingly shaped rocks and the rich cultural heritage of the region.

    Hotels Kudowa-Zdrój

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    Kudowa Zdrój

    Verde Montana

    Starting from:127 EUR
    Kudowa Zdrój

    KUDOWA**** Prestige SPA

    Starting from:91 EUR


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