Lodz hotels

City Centre

The best-known Lodz hotels are situated in the areas that are mentioned below. Attractive hotels in Lodz are not only in central city area, but every centrally-located Lodz hotel is close to the main institutions and tourist attractions. We recommend choosing safe areas in the centre of to find the best hotel in Lodz, where you will be able to fully enjoy the atmospheric centre.

  • Fabryczna Railway Station
    Of the three railway stations in Lodz, Kaliska, Widzew and Fabryczna, the last one is the closest to Piotrkowska Street. Therefore, this area ranks among some of the best locations for hotels in Lodz. Fabryczna is a convenient transportation point if you are travelling to Warsaw, but more trains commute to Kaliska Station, which is to the west and not far away from the city centre.
  • Manufaktura
    This partly industrial and partly residential area, situated close to Piotrkowska Street, is a very good location if you are looking for good accommodation in Lodz. The area is constantly transforming itself – near 19th-century palaces and run-down manufacturing plants the attractive modern buildings are being constructed. Hotels in Lodz in the vicinity of Manufaktura would be convenient accommodation for every visitor of Lodz.
  • Mickiewicza/Near Piotrowska
    Hotels in Lodz, situtated near southern part Piotrkowska, in the vicinity of Mickiewicza street, are characterised with convenient location close to most important places in Lodz. Hotels in this area are also within short distance from Lodz Kaliska Railway Station as well as from some nice Lodz parks – Poniatowskiego and Pilsudskiego Parks.
  • Northern Piotrkowska
    Piotrkowska is the longest boulevard and promenade in Poland. Its northern part begins at Wolnosci Square, where the city’s expansion started in the 1850s. Hotels in Lodz near northern Piotrkowska are nice as this area is a pedestrian zone which is filled with restaurants, pubs and cafés. Thus, hotel in Lodz in this district can be recommended to any person who want to visit Lodz, no matter what are the reasons to come.
  • Politechnika
  • Southern Piotrkowska
    Some of the hotels in Lodz are located near the southern part of Piotrkowska Street, close to Reymont Park and the historical White Factory (the first spinning mill in Lodz). Close to your hotel, you will find the Lodz Expo Trade Fair buildings, as well as some of Lodz’s main attractions.

Near City Centre

As usual, accommodation in Lodz located near the city centre costs less and there is plenty of space available for new hotels and private guesthouses. Lodz hotel situated near the city centre can be a good option for business people and tourists alike. During the fairs, some of Lodz hotels might be booked up, so we recommend making an advance reservation for your preferred hotel in Lodz.

  • East
  • North
  • South
  • West

Outside City Centre

Hotels in Lodz, located outside the city centre, are of need to be taken into consideration, as well. The centre will be further away from your Lodz hotel, but on the other hand, this might be a good option for those of you who are travelling by car, because the highways to other major cities run through this area.

  • North

Outside Lodz

The farther from the centre you go, the quieter the accommodation in Lodz you find will be. Staying in a Lodz hotel outside the centre allows you to take advantage of the extraordinary beauty of these green neighbourhoods. Many people choose accommodation in Lodz in the northern parts of the city, such as green Zgierz. Use our database to find the perfect hotel in Lodz, whether inside or outside the central districts.

  • Brojce

Lodz hotel market

There are practically no superior-class hotels in Lodz and though suites in the best Lodz hotels offer great accommodation conditions, Lodz is far from being a city with a developed hospitality industry. The hotels in Lodz have usually rooms in several standards, either with renovated rooms for higher budgets or cheap old, sometimes decent economy rooms. We have selected for you the best hotels in Lodz in each category.
As a rule it is not very difficult to find decent accommodation in Lodz, unless it is a busy trade fair period. Lodz hotels are cheap and prices do not rise in the high season. The huge and very interesting city is still expecting a major investment, powerful capital, and deserved attention.

Hotels Lodz

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