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City Centre

Some hotels in Lomza are situated in the attractive Old Town area or within close vicinity to the Lomza’s main monuments. Hotels in this area of Lomza might be a good option both if you are coming on business and if you are only staying there while on your way to the Masurian Lakeland.

    Lomza hotel market

    While Lomza itself is a long way from being a major tourist attraction, there is real beauty just outside Lomza – where you can find 2 national parks: Biebrza and Narew. Lomza hotels thus make a natural place to accommodate yourself or your group. Another obvious reason for staying in Lomza hotels is the local business opportunities. Hotels in Lomza are also popular with Jewish travellers who come to explore the former Askenazim settlements in northeastern Poland. A typical motel or hotel in Lomza is of moderate or lower standard, but you may find them useful once you arrive in this beautiful region.

    Hotels Lomza

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    Gromada Lomza

    Starting from:56 EUR

    Via Baltica

    Starting from:44 EUR


    Starting from:42 EUR

    Zajazd FADOM

    Starting from:37 EUR


    Starting from:42 EUR


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