Lublin hotels

City Centre

Most hotels in Lublin are concentrated within the centre, which consists of the Medieval district of Old Town and the adjoining area around fashionable Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street. This is a superb location for hotels in Lublin, in the most attractive area of this enjoyable town.

  • Krakowskie Przedmiescie
    A long strip of Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street connects the Old Town area in the east to the University area in the west. Most hotels in Lublin are located in various places on this strip. Some of the hotels in the centre of Lublin are located just off this road, but always within walking distance.
  • Old Town
    Similarly to Warsaw’s, Lublin’s Old Town area is charming, but you won’t find too many hotels there. Although the offering of hotels in Lublin’s Old Town area is not very wide, we can guarantee you that the hotels in this area make a good choice when you are staying in Lublin.

Wider Centre

Some hotels are not in the very core of Lublin, but still very close to it. We introduced the category “wider centre” to help you with choosing the hotel in Lublin that fully meets your expectations concerning location, standard and price.

  • West
    To the west of the historical area, you might find some good accommodation in Lublin. From each hotel situated in the wider centre, one can easily get to the main institutions and places of historical importance. We recommend that you consider hotels in this area of Lublin, especially if you will be visiting Lublin’s universities, whether the Catholic school or Maria Curie-Sklodowska.

Near City Centre

Hotels near the centre of Lublin can provide convenient accommodation for both business travellers and tourists. These locations are worth your consideration, but you should keep in mind that getting to the centre from your hotel will take a bit more time.

  • North
  • West

Outside City Centre

If you would like to stay away from the centre for some reason, there are also options for accommodation in the entire area of Lublin. These hotels, inns and guesthouses are more distant from the centre, but on the other hand, they can provide you with excellent accommodation in a peaceful, green environment. The reason why many organised groups stay in hotels in the southern area of Lublin is its proximity to the former Nazi extermination camp, Majdanek.

  • North
  • West

Lublin hotel market

Lublin is quite a big city, however it is a city with a distinctive provincial charm. The fact that neither mass tourism nor international business seem to focus excessively on Lublin, has results in the fact that there are several good hotels in Lublin which comfortably fit the demands of the local market. There is a good choice either if you want to stay in a luxurious Lublin hotel or if you prefer budget options; Lublin has it all.
South-eastern Poland comprises a number of very attractive areas and it is highly recommendable to be based in a Lublin hotel if you want to explore them: Kazimierz Dolny, Majdanek (a suburb of Lublin), Pulawy, Naleczow Spa, Roztocze Reserve, Zamosc, a wide array of small towns with Jewish architecture. A hotel in Lublin is also perfect as a stop on the way to the Ukraine (L’viv, Kiev).
Paradoxically, the fact that Lublin is not far from Warsaw, can support the idea of doing business in Lublin. Consider a meeting or a conference in Lublin. Most of the Lublin hotels have modern conference and meeting facilities. They are cheaper and offer some attractions which are unavailable in for instance in Warsaw. Contact us for more details.

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