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Since Lysomice is a small village, all its hotels are well-located. A hotel in the centre of Lysomice is located close to main attractions of the village, including the Donimirskis’ palace.
Turzno is a small village, located 9 km from Lysomice. It is an ideal location for everyone who would like to rest and relax in the open air. The main attraction of the village is a palace and park complex from the 19th century, now converted into a hotel.

Lysomice hotel market

Lysomice-based hotels are a great alternative to those in Torun. They are well-located near A1 motorway and the capital of voivodeship. This makes Lysomice an ideal destination both for leisure and business travellers. Hotels in the village are also perfect for the organisation of a wedding or a conference.

Hotels Lysomice

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Centrum Hotelowo-Konferencyjne Rubbens&Monet

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