Malbork hotels

Near Town Centre

A hotel near the centre of Malbork is also a good option, as it is probably cheaper and not too far from the centre. These hotels can serve as a convenient starting point if you want to explore the former seat of the Order of Teutonic Knights. Accommodation in this area might be worth taking into consideration, regardless of what the purpose of your visit to Malbork is.

    Town Centre

    The historical centre can be a good location for your hotel in Malbork, offering a great opportunity to discover the magnificent monuments of this town. We have prepared a directory of accommodation in Malbork which might be helpful while looking for the appropriate hotel.

    • Old Town

    Malbork hotel market

    There are a handful of good mid-range Malbork hotels. A good hotel in Malbork is expected to meet the rising expectations of tourists who come to visit the former seat of the Order of Teutonic Knights, one of the biggest castles in Europe. If you decide to choose one of the hotels in Malbork, we believe that you will be satisfied with your decision. Malbork is also a small regional centre and Malbork hotels are of interest to business travellers – either for local opportunities or as a place to stop and unwind between Gdansk and Warsaw.

    Hotels Malbork

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    Starting from:29 EUR


    Starting from:51 EUR

    Centrum Malbork

    Starting from:62 EUR


    Starting from:51 EUR


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