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Railway Station

Hotels in this neighbourhood are ideal for those who appreciate rest and relaxation in a harmony with nature. Numerous tourist trails encourage travellers to go for a walk or a bike trip. Transport is also an advantage of this location for the hotels here are situated in a close proximity to the railway station.

    Mszana Dolna hotel market

    Mszana Dolna is a small town in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, situated approximately 55 km from Krakow. Due to its perfect location, the town can be a great starting point to many cities in the southern Poland. The number of hotels seems adequate for local needs; however, in the winter season you should book your accommodation in advance. Mszana Dolna- based hotels are also perfect for the organisation of conferences and weddings

    Hotels Mszana Dolna

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    Mszana Dolna

    Folwark Stara Winiarnia

    Starting from:53 EUR


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