Ostrow Mazowiecka hotels

Hotels located outside the centre of Ostrow Mazowiecka provide rest and relaxation in a harmony with nature. They can be recommended to all visitors. Hotels outside the centre of Ostrow Mazowiecka are also located near the town’s greatest attractions.

Outside Centre

Ostrow Mazowiecka hotel market

Ostrow Mazowiecka is a middle-size town, located in a close proximity Lomza, Ostroleka and Wyszkow. There are a lot of accommodation places in Ostrow and some hotels provide also equipment for the organisation of conferences. Moreover, a hotel in Ostrow Mazowiecka is also perfect for a wedding party.

Hotels Ostrow Mazowiecka

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Ostrów Mazowiecka

Usługi Hotelowe 17

Starting from:33 EUR
Ostrów Mazowiecka

Maciejowa Chata

Starting from:30 EUR


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