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Some nice hotels are situated in the centre of Piekary Slaskie, where you’ll be provided with all of the amenities of a big town. Since Piekary Slaskie has a well-developed network of roads and railway lines, there’s always easy access to the nearby city of Katowice and the Pyrzowice International Airport.

    Piekary Slaskie hotel market

    Piekary Slaskie is a town situated in the Silesian Province, north of Katowice. It belongs to the Upper Silesian Industrial Area, a region known for its highly developed mining and metal processing industries. The number of hotels in Piekary Slaskie isn’t large, but sufficient to cover the needs of the city’s visitors. Hotels in Piekary Slaskie are also a good option for business travellers who want to stop on their way to Katowice or other towns in the area. All the hotels in Piekary Slaskie are convenient for people travelling by plane, as the Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport is nearby.

    Hotels Piekary Slaskie

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    Piekary Śląskie

    Rezydencja Luxury Hotel

    Starting from:63 EUR
    Piekary Śląskie


    Starting from:52 EUR
    Piekary Śląskie

    Komfort Inn

    Starting from:42 EUR
    Piekary Śląskie


    Starting from:28 EUR
    Piekary Śląskie

    Pałac Wiśniewski

    Starting from:30 EUR


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